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Your family and academic background sir?

I belong to a beautiful Place Furqanabad ( Ghat) Doda. I did my schooling from ISLAMIA MODEL SCHOOL FURQANABAD (GHAT) DODA. Then I joined Govt. higher secondary school (boys) Doda. I did my graduation in Science with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as main subjects. Then I joined university of Jammu where I did my masters in Physics(High Energy). Then I worked as lecturer in Physics at Govt. P G College Bhaderwah & Govt. Degree college Doda. My father SYED HANIEF HASHMI is a senior advocate practicing at Doda. My mother is a Govt. School teacher. We are five brothers & Sisters. My elder brother SYED AASIM HASHMI is also a practicing advocate at Doda. Both of my sisters are post graduate in English & working as Teacher in School Education Department. My younger brother SYED ATHAR USMAN HASHMI is studying LAW at University Of Jammu •

How do you feel about being selected for junior KAS?

This is a great responsibility Allah has put on my shoulders & I am looking forward & preparing Myself for the practical examination which I will have to face during my services. But then In verse no. 12 & 13 of Sura Al-Lail, Allah says, “ Ina Alina-al-Huda Wa Inalana-al-aakhirata wal oola”. The message here is that Allah in his finite mercy has provided full guidance to His creatures. All through His creation there are sign posts indicating the right way. To man He has given the five senses of perception, with mental & spiritual faculties for coordinating his physical perceptions and leading him higher & higher in thought and feeling. In the end man will return to Allah, and even from the beginning of mans life Allah's mercies & loving care surrounds him. In the probationary period of man's life, he has a measure of free will, & he is expected to use it in such away to bring his whole being into harmony with universal will & law. For he will have to answer for the write use of his talent and opportunities. If man's will has any meaning, he has the choice of accepting Allah's guidance or rejecting it and I pray Allah to let me follow this guidance for any doing in my life. •

When did you first dream about civil service examination?

After finishing my post graduation •

When did you plan to take up KAS? How did you proceed?

In April, 2005, When Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission Invited applications for this examination. •

Was this your first attempt?


Which magazine or newspaper did you subscribe during the preparation? What suggestions you have for the aspirants in this regard?

As for as the news papers are concerned I regularly read THE HINDU & some times The Hindustan Times & Times Of India. The magazines were Civil Services Chronicle, Wizard, Yojna etc. In my opinion newspaper THE HINDU is unavoidable for every aspiring candidate. A candidate must keep a note book & note all relevant happenings daily from the Newspaper. This will cover current affair portion of both mains & preliminary examinations. But at the same time this practice should not take more than one hour daily. Chronicle & wizard are the magazines which I think are a must for this examination. •

Who has been your role model?

Well although my father is not a civil servant but he is & will be my role model in all spheres of life. More over one of my forefather SYED UMAR DIN was appointed as collector during Dogra Raj at Udhampur ( He was basically from Peshawer & latter setteled at Doda). So I thought there must be a repeat.

You are at the top of KAS list & have got Prestigious Junior Scale?

To whom will you attribute your success and what are your future plans? ALLHAMDULILAH. In last verse of Sura An-Nasr , God says, ”Fa Sabhi Bi Hamdi Rabi Ka Wastag Feru ho, Ina Ho Kana Tawaba.” The message is clear that Every man should humble himself before Allah, confess his human frailties, and seek Allah's grace;-attributing any success that he gets in his work, not to his own merits, but to the goodness & mercy of Allah. Here I must make a special refrence to my friend SHAMEEM who helped me a lot during prepration.

How did you plan for KAS examination?

A very simple strategy. I referred to least no. of books. I planned to cover topics with in a specific time framework & then followed my every day plan..But the most important thing which I think gave me an edge was mental thinking. For every topic I was covering I was always thinking how to write answer if such question comes and even I use to discuss things with in my self.

Did you follow the same attitude & planning for all the three stages of examination?

The civil services examination is lengthy process. For example our preliminary examination was held in July 2005, mains in March 2006 & interview in April 2007. So at the end of day, it is the consistency of attitude which make you to qualify this exam. One has to keep in mind that studying & not the reading is the secret of success for all the three stages. But all the three stages require different approaches. I treated preliminary & mains examination separately. I thoroughly studied optional & General studies for preliminary examination with much and much stress on factual clarity and familiarity with each topic in the syllabus. And off course it was the knowledge of facts and their clarity along with the practice of solving previous years papers which created wonders for me in preliminary examination. The preparation for mains examination was extensive and the deep study with great emphasis on studying, analyzing & internalizing. I learned the techniques & the tricks of comprehensive & focused writing & finally effective presentation by solving the previous(UPSC) papers of both my optionals which I think is the most important & unavoidable tool for the success in this examination. And I must admit that it was this tool which contributed much to take me at the Top.

What were your optionals?

Public Administration in preliminary examination and Public Administration & Urdu in Mains examination.

It is Surprising that you didnt choose Physics or Mathematics as your optional Subjects as you are M Sc. Physics & more surprising is that both the subject which you choose as your optionals are completely different to your back ground subjects. But the good thing in it is that you are at the top of the list with Urdu as one of the optional subject. Do you think that Urdu contributed in taking you to the top position?

Well,when I started preparing for this examination, the first thing which I did was the search for best optional. For my first optional I short listed six subjects viz-a-viz Physics, Mathematics, Public Administration, History, Geography & Sociology, taking into consideration various but varied challenges in both preliminary & mains examination. I saw the syllabus of each subject & went through the study material of each subject, curiously. I didn't went through the details but through the index & the introductory part of each chapter. Then I narrowed my list of subjects to History & Public administration. Consulted the past years question paper & ultimately zeroed down the choice to Public Administration. This exercise took me a month but during this exercise I was always attracted to & more interested in Public Administration only which I think has manageable & comprehensive syllabus & more so, I found this subject compatible with my mind. As for as the second optional is considered, it was natural choice for me & I decided to take Urdu as my optional at the time when I decided to appear for this examination. Since this Examination is a generalist examination, therefore clarity of expression , ideas & writing skills play an important role while writing for mains. My schooling till matriculation was in Urdu medium at Islamia Model School Furqanabad (GHAT) Doda. When I was a kid, I use to here my grandfather, Syed Yosuf Shah, reciting the verses of BAL-E-Gabriel & Zarb-e-Kalim with melody. My grandfather from maternal side, Moulana M. A. Suharwardy, himself a poet use to narrate various incidents & verses of great poets & writers of Urdu which I later found in my syllabus. Urdu is language embedded in our culture & society. e,g When we try to understand Quran & Hadith, We use urdu language as a medium. Every body among us recognizes Iqbal, Ghalib & Mir. So I think it was an easy & the best choice for me as it can be for other Kashmiri students along with like wise subjects of Arabic & Persian. Urdu boosted my morale & confidence & yes off course, it has a great contribution to take me to the top.

Tell us something about your interview?

Allhamdullilah, my interview went excellent. The first thing Interview Board asked me was about ‘Good Governance’. At my first answer, The Chairman complemented me . Then the discussion started. First it was about Civil Societies & NGO’s. The difference in their working across the world, their funding, constitutional recognition, their working in India, US, Africa etc with some special references to Red light Area in Kollkata and Orphans of Kashmir. Then there was discussion on Principals & laws which govern the aero planes, Helicopters & Rocket jets. Then the discussions turn to the socio economic development of Jammu & Kashmir since 1947 till date & the significance of Single line Administrative reforms in growth & development of J & K. The next session was about the history of Mughal Empire with special references to JAHANGIR and his relation with Kashmir which opened the doors for the discussion on Mughal road and other alternative roads to valley and the role which these roads can play in the socio economic development of Jammu & Kashmir. The next thing which was discussed was the present status of higher education in Jammu & Kashmir. Then there were few common questions like why do u want to join civil services etc. The interview ended with a comprehensive discussion on “ BLACK HOLE. ‘. The interview board was very cordial & friendly and they appreciated me at every step and the encouraging for me was that I was able to satisfy the board for each and every answer. Thank God, I never said sorry to any question.

What is your opinion about coaching?did you go for caching?

I think Group Study rather than coaching is important. Most of the coaching centers in my opinion are money mending machines. Kashmir Study Circle is doing a good job though. But one can not beat this exam even sitting at home. This is an examination which require multiple information on every side .Right direction about what to study & how to study is unavoidable. I didn't get any coaching but I did get some guidance from Hamdard study Circle, Delhi. I sat among a group of students preparing for UPSC & for various State Services Examinations at Hamdard Study Circle for at least three months. That period was instrumental to know the game plan about qualifying this exam. Daily news papers like HINDU & magzines like Frontline, Yojna , Wizard, Chronical, Civil Services Times are important. And then discussions among the group. After Reading news papers dialy, I use to discuss various topics with my father & brother which helped me a lot.

Muslim constitute small percentage in KAS. What are the main reasons behind it?

I agree but not only in KAS but in some other gazetted services as well except for few like medicines. There are various reasons for it. The most important reason is educational backwardness of Muslim dominated areas. According to 2001 census the literacy rate of Muslim dominated districts of Budgam, Baramullah & Srinagar is 40.94, 44.57 & 59.80 respectively. Where as for non Muslim dominated districts of Jammu, Kuthua & Leh , literacy rate is 77.30, 65.29 & 62.24. So you can imagine how big this lag is which will pose a serious threat to the concept of equitable distribution of resources if not encountered timely. Another important reason is lack of access to the modern technology, news papers & magazines, tricks to beat the competition & thus lack of awareness among the students of valley & other far flung areas in comparison to Some districts of Jammu which has an easy access to Delhi & other parts of country along with the full access to communication embedded with latest technology & thus facing any type of competition becomes easy for them. Third important & one of the most important reason is that there is a sort of occupational psychosis for studying medicine & some associated professional courses among the cream of Valley students so when we see medical list it is full of Kashmiri students which says of their caliber, hard work & talent. Here I must admit one more important thing, most of the students who qualify KAS & other competitive examination at Jammu are directly or indirectly involved with University of Jammu. . Where as there is no such thing in University of Kashmir. I visited University of Kashmir thrice in last two years. I also visited the Central library but I didn’t found any thing in resemblance with central libraries of DU, JNU & AMU.

How it can be rectified?

I think govt. has to take some area specific policies & targeting the areas which are educationally backward & also to channelize the modern communication links to Valley & other far flung areas so as students can easily access the needful information along with the easy access to national & local news papers & magazine. One important initiative is to open the Career Counseling wings in various Degree colleges & even in some selected schools to guide & make students aware of latest developments. The govt. can make possible the visit of countries top conciliators & Psychologist to these centers. While working as lecturer in Physics at Govt. Degree College Doda, I floated a career counseling center in October 2006, where I got a huge response. Since the contract ended, i don't what was the fate of that center. I think the most important part has to be played by University of Kashmir & central library of Kashmir university has to be hub of all competitive examination. A separate floor must be dedicated to competitive examination only and all kinds of latest books must be made available along with the daily national & local news papers, magazines & Internet facilities. University of Kashmir has to be central to all activities . I will be privileged if given a chance to work for this noble cause at University of kashmir .



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need help

(Abhillash khajuria (jammu), 2010-11-25 11:24)

sir will u pls tell dat how is the way to work hard if his parents and other family members r not with him on this front ,,.i wana to join ias but my dad like kas . soo, any solution


(NASIR, 2010-10-28 07:33)

sir ,please share with us ur score in mains and interview ,and the cutoff that year.thankyoy


(mohsin, 2009-11-12 15:32)

keep up d good work if u guys cud upload any of d previous date sheets of mains it wud b great help as students wud come to know hw many prep days they wud get in between their oops.

KAS mains 2009

(Shabir Ahmad Shabir, 2009-11-02 08:21)

Sir I am Shabir Ahmad From Shopian KAS aspirant 2009. I have qualified Prelimns Exam as political science as optional Subject.I want to know how much marks one has to secure in Mains so that he can come in the list. Moreover, Sir i want to know how many marks you have secured in mains. Thankyou Sir,