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Junior Scale of J&K Administrative Service

(vishesh, 2010-10-05 19:50)

what all departments are included in Junior Scale of J&K Administrative Service under KAS? Is there a way to find out the vacancies available in particular deptt with regards to Junior Scale of J&K Administrative Service

increase the vacancy in kas 2010

(hashim, 2010-10-05 17:52)

Dear all this is the golden opportunity for all of us to pressurise the govt.as c.m has himself announced that large no of vacancy is to be filled shortly including kas pre of kas 2010 is postponed we can pressurise cm to increase the already adv. vacancy.by god grace we r getting another opportunity to sit in kas we need to utilise this opp.as much as we can

Re: increase the vacancy in kas 2010

(gABBAR, 2010-10-05 19:42)

I am with you friend , we must pressurise the Govt to increase the posts , and since there are so many vacancies also it is justified. Let us approach the C.M. for our just demand and let us form a group for this purpose.
If the number of vacancies in KAS 2010 are increased only then there will remain fair chances of selection,

Genuine Concern

(Mudasir Latief, 2010-10-05 18:44)

i request all aspirants to suggest way forward regarding my earlier post.
i thnk v need to move quick. so far as my information is concerned it is 100% correct.

its a time to unite...

pressurise psc and govt

(hashim, 2010-10-05 17:40)

in kas 2009 there r 398 posts while in kas 2010 the vacancy r much less so the competition will be really tough for everyone.as c.m has said no. of vacancy are lying we should atleast pressurise the govt to increase the no. of post in kas 2010 as cm promised to end employment and presently the govt is under pressure we can surely achieve it and press the govt to increase the no. of post already advertise thr. psc atleast to 500.in this regard we along with our m.l.a met dy.c.m and he told us to form a delegation and meet c.m and he assured us its possible

Faulty coding and decoding of English Paper

(Mudasir Latief, 2010-10-05 12:18)

Dear All
it is now established and acknowledge fact that there has occurred some discrepancy while coding and decoding of papers.

PSC authorities, have confirmed the same on record, while speaking on radio yesterday. though, they say, experts rectified the same, but i firmly believe it hasn't been.
Sources in PSC say many aspirants have crossed the cut-off mark in OM (897), but have failed in General English.
This could be a geniuene basis to file a writ in court as it is hard to rectify coding-decoding, one disprepancy appear in it.

we can atleast ask for re-examination for that paper and cancellation of the present list.

hope to find many takers for my suggestion.

Re: Faulty coding and decoding of English Paper

(ADFAR, 2010-10-05 12:47)

Though i'm selected but if it's true i'm vd u.i'm aganist this faulty system.

Re: Faulty coding and decoding of English Paper

(Deep Singh, 2010-10-05 14:28)

I agree with u bcos most of us has done there papers very well, and it is hard to rectify the discrepancy happened in checking, wht we have only hope is Writ but there are very less chances to win it,bcos previously also students file the writ but always case go in favour of PSC, but we will not loose hope and we r going to file writ within 2 days

Re: Re: Faulty coding and decoding of English Paper

(Arif, 2010-10-05 16:25)

Writ is wastage of time & Money, every time aspirants do writ but decision is always in favour of psc,it's better to divert our mind towards IAS.
I promise after writ decision vl b in favour of psc.WE R HELPLESS

Re: Faulty coding and decoding of English Paper

(rohit, 2010-10-05 17:10)

it's a big revelation and the authorities must take an immediate step so that the desrving candidates are not left out. If PSC has actually confirmed it then the court must intervene to bring culprits to book and impart justice to the aggrieved candidates. It a genuine concern the students must unite to express their resentment to the competent authorities.

Decoding blunder

(Vinay, 2010-10-05 16:22)

That sounds pretty credible. If om cutoff is 897,i know a lot of ppl qualifying mains twice and touching 1100. Its unbelievable they cant score 897. Sure there s a decoding blunder. Strong agitation shud be started in this regard n psc shud be forced to open the cards


(ASIF, 2010-10-04 13:04)

Plz ans my ques,valley aspirants are saying that more are selected from jammu,jammu aspirants are saying more are selected from valley,banehal aspirants no one is selected from banehal ,optional vd kashmari say that aspirants vd urdu are selected,zoology aspirants say that aspirants vd sociology are selected ETC.THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE PLZ TELL ME THEN WHO IS SELECTED.


(DISTURBING, 2010-10-05 15:06)

i hope they are not from POK. or china


(Deep Singh, 2010-10-05 15:48)

Really wht a joke...no one able to know who is selected i think PSC member have selected their relatives and their neighbourhood students


(ADFAR, 2010-10-05 11:51)

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Dont fight

(Rahgeer, 2010-10-05 11:34)

Its not definetly its definately,its not vl snatched its vl snatch and wats this u looses ????

To nameless joker

(Vinay, 2010-10-05 11:31)

Let others decide whose english is faulty.go to ur high school english teacher u question mark crap.tumhe abhi murga banana chahiye.btw mere ghar ko tu pathar marta toh tumhe wahi gaad deta main


(??????, 2010-10-05 11:17)

First i vl correct you.it's SNATCHED not STATCHED CORRECT YOUR ENGLISH THEN OPEN A BLOG.When you vl not work hard then definetly some one vl snatched share. BY THE WAY "TUMARA GAR KO KITNA PATHAR LAGA" U LOOSES.

To riaz kashmiri

(Vinay, 2010-10-05 10:56)

I know ur too busy collecting and throwing stones stone age riaz KASHMIRI . pscjokes.blogspot.com is not for u. Its for those aggrieved candidates whose rightful share has been statched.so gudluck to u with ur business .let me do my work


(RAYZ KASHMARI, 2010-10-05 08:40)

Oh!don't misguide the aspirants,we don't have time for your blog.some aspirants has to appear in intro,some have appear for next pre while some has to appear in IAS.So we don't have time for ur BAKWAS.

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