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(s.b, 2010-10-05 07:52)

Dear Friends...
Kindly update about difference between SELF RULE OF PDP and AUTONOMY OF NC

Psc jokes

(Vinay, 2010-10-05 05:27)

Pliz visit pscjokes.blogspot.com for online forum of aggrieved candidates

CSAT 2011......CONT..

(ADFAR, 2010-10-04 16:39)

If you have not cleared
the Preliminary Exam
2010, don’t buck down
by the results. It
happens in competitive
exams like IAS. It is a
part and parcel of the
exam process. In a
scenario of cut throat
competition, someone
has to loose. This time
you were little bit
But before putting all
blame on your luck or
your friends or
teachers, you need a
serious retrospection of
your past
performances. So now
time to analyze
yourself. Analyze that
while preparing for the
last PT exam, you have
studied the right books,
right materials; you
have done smart hard
work; you have gone
through previous year
UPSC questions; you
have practised a lot of
questions before the
exam etc. If you are
really honest to
yourself, you will
definitely find some
wrong in you only. So
mark those areas
where you have failed in
your last attempt and
promise to yourself
that you will never
repeat those mistakes.
After all, failure is the
pillar of success, if you
learn from your past
It is time for
Consolidate yourself
and make a full-proof
strategy for coming PT
in 2011. As all of you
have heard that most
probably UPSC will
introduce Aptitude Test
from next year, you
need slight changes in
your preparation this
time. First focus on
Mains as it covers
around 70-80% of your
PT requirements. From
now onwards you
should concentrate on
your second option for
Mains exam along with
General Studies.
Devoted two month
(September and
October) for your
second optional for
Mains and General
Studies Paper I for
Mains. Next two
months (November and
December) should be
devoted to first
optional for Mains and
General Studies Paper II
for mains. This is just a
broad outline; you may
change it according to
your needs and
However, make sure
that while preparing for
Mains, you prepare your
own notes which will
help you in timely
revision of your syllabus
in the last munities.
Also ensure that you
are doing timely revision
of what you have
studied, otherwise that
will be of no use.
UPSC notification for PT
normally comes in
December. By that time
you have already
completed the Mains
syllabus. So after
notification you should
focus on PT.
So enjoy your study, all
the best……


(To All, 2010-10-04 16:30)

Why Psc is playing with Jammuties Fate? Can anyone has the Idea wts the O.M CUTT OFF AND Top Score

CSAT 2011

(ADFAR, 2010-10-04 16:29)

After a lot of debates
and confusion,
Government on
Thursday (26th August,
2010) finally cleared the
air by announcing that
Civil Services Aptitude
Test (CSAT) will be
introduced to replace
the existing pattern of
Civil Services
Examination from 2011.
This was announced by
Minister of State for
Personnel Prithviraj
Chavan, while giving a
written response to a
parliamentary question
in Rajya Sabha.
According to the new
scheme of CSAT, one
of the Optional
subjects, which a
candidate could have
chosen out of 23
optional has been
replaced with a
common paper on
aptitude test. Now
candidates appearing in
Preliminary examination
in 2011, may have to
write two common
objective type papers
i.e. General Studies and
Aptitude Test. Both
these papers will have
equal weightage having
special emphasis on
testing candidates’
"aptitude for civil
services" as well as on
"ethical and moral
dimension of decision
making". These papers
will be common to all
candidates instead of
the existing system of
one common paper
(General Studies) and
one optional paper.
However, close sources
in the ministry say that
the new syllabus of the
CSAT is yet to be
finalized. Thus the
government will shortly
notify the new scheme
of examination giving
details of the syllabus,
which is being worked
out. Earlier, in March
2010, the Centre had
approved the proposal
for introduction of
CSAT in place of current
Civil Service Preliminary
from next year, and
subsequently asked the
Union Public Service
Commission (UPSC) to
work out its syllabus.
The proposal to this
effect was sent to
Prime Minister Office
(PMO) last year by Union
Public Service
Commission (UPSC).
Earlier, many
committees had
suggested several
reforms to the existing
recruitment process to
civil service. Most of the
panels had advocated
for laying greater
emphasis on "aptitude"
of candidates than their
knowledge. Hence, as of
now, the change will be
effective only for the
first (Preliminary) of the
three stages of the CSE
from 2011 onwards.
The second and third
stages - CS (Main)
Examination and
Interview respectively -
will remain the same.
In the present scheme
of Preliminary
examination candidates
have to appear in two
objective multiple-choice
papers of total 450
marks. Paper I is one
optional of candidate’s
choice having 120
questions of 2.5 mark
each. Paper II is General
Studies having 150
questions of 1 mark

do visit

(vinay, 2010-10-04 13:18)

pliz do visit pscjokes.blogspot.com

a new blog created

(vinay, 2010-10-04 12:50)

dear friends a new blog has been created for aggrieved aspirants to discuss issues and further course of action...everyone is invited....do ur bit for the cause by joining it now it is pscjokes.blogspot.com


(rahul kumar, 2010-10-04 11:45)

although i am selected but i do feel that it is very bad when people are coming into administration having optionals like urdu,kashmiri.. they are not competent enough to run the state administration.that is the reason this state is in mess.psc should have adopted grading system like cgpa.. so that everyone could have got a chance...
i had sociology and management as optionals and i managed to get through mains..
can anyone tell me what has been the trend in these subjects...

Re: injustice

(narinder, 2010-10-04 12:25)

me selected too.but seeing such a corrupt system,i wonder whether i wud be able to clear intw.i have no approach or money for clearing it..
JK is righlty most corrupt state

Is this democracy?

(Vinay, 2010-10-04 11:52)

U work hard ,fare well in exam and have every right to be selected. At the end of day u r thrown out by a system that is corrupt biased n inefficient and at the top of it u dont have the right to ask why and how. Is this democracy or highest totalitarianism?

new blog

(prince, 2010-10-04 11:08)

friends i am going to start new blog especially for the candidates of jammu where we can discuss new course of action i will let u no. it will be a yahoo group.

appeal to those who have not qualified

(injustice, 2010-10-04 05:37)

We should protest against jkpsc in a big way and forced them to cancel this list.its a time to be united as its a matter of our carrer

Re: appeal to those who have not qualified

(rajj, 2010-10-04 09:47)

for protest we have to unite first...central body has been formed in ju ..anybody who is agrieved can contact.9419198219.the formed body of agreived candidates is going to file a writ before the honourable high court..and also going for rti..therefore u can register urself as an agreived candidate.


(ADFAR, 2010-10-03 15:25)

11.what is fatal
triangle?how the
role of money and
muscle power can
be minimized in
elections in india?
which committee
has been
constituted to
look in to this and
what were its
12.how to deal
with corruption in
RTI be extended
to judiciary?
13.how to
revitalize the
higher education in
india?how basic
science research
can be boosted up
in india?
14.what are main
challenges before
j&k?which areas
need more
manufacturing and
services have
failed to take up in
15.how dal can be
saved?what is the
scope of green
particularly solar
energy in j&k?
16.if US withdraws
from afghan,what
will be its impact
on regional
security in south
17.people are
talking about
emergence of new
world order.what
does it mean?and
is india and china
at the centre
stage of it?
18.why india
needed indo us
nuclear deal?
19.the polictics in
india is rapidly
at should be
measures to check
it?the threst
posed by saffron
terror to india is
enormous.how can
be it checked?
1.what motivated
you to join civil
2.why you left you
lucrative job to
join civils?
3.what according
to you is the
reason for present
turmoil in valley?
do you endorse
the view about
revocation of
AFSPA?what is
your opinion about
withdrawl of
armed forces??
4.should pre 1953
position be
article 370 be
5.what are the
flaws in right to
education act?
what is social audit
provision in
6.what are the
main reasons for
BPL boom even
when india is
rapidly developing
7.moist threat is a
serious internal
security challenge
to india.how it
needs to be
8.do you justify
the demand for
new states?
9.why india is
stressing on "look
east policy"\
10.how should
india deal with


(naseer, 2010-10-04 06:17)

good choice brother. thanks...


(Sajad, 2010-10-04 09:09)

Thanx brother....Plz keep on updating....
i would like to add
1.Ayodhaya verdic
2.Common wealth games.....

fail to understand

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-10-04 07:04)

hi guys,
congrats to all who got through.as for me i have not got a place in the short list.for me result was a big shock.i had left no stone unturned to make sure that i make it to final list.i wrote my papers brilliantly,both zoology n anthro and did quite well in gs n essay.i fail to understand as to where i have faltered.i left not a single question unanswered and hoped to score 1100 to 1200 but i am shocked to see that i have not even made it to short list.i want this riddle to be solved.the only thing which pinches me is that those guys whom i guided and who were very much average have made it.even departmental guys who are bullshit have got through.i feel sorry for myself.i worked hard,joined coaching classes and gave my best.but this result has broke my spine.i have lost faith in psc,and doubt its credentials.urdu,kashmiri,socio have been given undue advantage in absence of moderation system.

Re: fail to understand

(ADFAR, 2010-10-04 07:43)

Dear bro
Though i'm selected but it's big shock for me that you are not selected,i was 110% sure that u vl b selected.By god i was thinking that i vl meet with you at the time of intreview.
I myself have lot of doubts abt psc but like you i'm also from humble back ground & we r helpless.
Truely i'm speachless,wt can i say to u but have faith on god. Lots of doubts r in my mind now i don't know wt vl happen to final list. Bye.....to all frnds.

now neva gonna appear in KAS

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-10-04 07:16)

this was my first attempt and i have been preaparing from last 2 years,my teachers used to cal me next KAS topper..but alas i am a looser and completelly pissed off.i still challange psc to show me my papers and of those who got through.i want to see what extraordinary things they have wrote there?i stil remember how beautifully i wrote gs and zoology,anthro n essay.since i am from humble background,and cant manage to go to court of law.im giving up.wil now focus on IAS.beleive me from last 4 days,i have been living by taking anti depressant pills.anyways,congrats to al suxcfl guys and my love n sympathies to other deserving ones who were left behind.better think of IAS,this KAS wil make us mental coz of unfairness and bungling.bye all

Re: Re: Re: injustice

(Rahul, 2010-10-04 07:03)

u can't compare these 300+ urdu crap wid shah faisal..is psc supplementing shah faisal's toppin ias wid urdu as optional by selecting 300+ dumbos who also hv urdu subject n scorin 2 less in g.s...

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