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Re: injustice

(Rahul, 2010-10-04 06:13)

There r 1 - 2 peopl who hv qualified wid dogri....bt urdu 45% in O.M have urdu as 2nd optional...nearly 3/4th of OM is filld wid kashmiri candidates..what d hell is this

Re: Re: injustice

(Anwar, 2010-10-04 06:29)

Ok! shah faisal IAS topper who has urdu as optional sub.do you think that was also injustice becoz he is selected.

Embrace Islam

(Chacha Sam, 2010-10-04 06:26)

In my opinion for becoming a KAS everyone from Jammu Region should embrace Islam and grow beard, learn Urdu then n only then one can become a KAS this is basic criteria , it does;t matter how intelligent r u , how many years u have put this is immaterial.


(proffesionals, 2010-10-04 05:32)

Why the students who have arabic,urdu,dogri,kashmiri are given preference in kas on the cost of other deserving candidate.psc and govt have to give justification to this.there should be complete transparency and no favouritism


(Rahul, 2010-10-03 20:41)

This newspaper rising kashmir only does false propaganda..first it reportd dat 5 times candidats wil figure in one list n dat jmu candidats r less in x 3 list therefore psc wil do it 5 times...nw when list hs cum three times it is again falsely telling dat jmu basd candidats r more....d whole world knws hw urdu,arabic,kashmiri hv been givn extravagant marks..in O.M more than 75% candidats r frm kashmir...jmu candidats r only in SC,ALC category...its like ulta chor kotwal ko daante


(narinder, 2010-10-03 20:54)

i dont know how many students cleared from valley.but one thing is for sure this is an absurd newspaper spreading lies and uncassary creating controversies.


(Then who, 2010-10-03 20:26)

October 2010
Valley candidates
suspect foul in
selection process
PSC denies
Ishfaq Mir
Srinagar, Oct 02: The
results of the Combined
Competitive Services
examinations- 2009 has
touched a raw nerve
among the valley
aspirants who suspect
foul in the selection
process. The
“ reluctance” of Jammu
and Kashmir Public
Service Commission
(JKPSC) in declaring the
cut-merit of the
categories and the
marks secured by the
candidates has added
to their apprehensions.
The Mains examination
of CCS, commonly
known as Kashmir
Administrative Services,
for selection of junior
scale civil services
officers was held in
March-April this year.
“ We are really
disappointed with the
selection list issued by
the PSC. We know how
well we wrote in the
examination, ” said a
delegation of dropped
They added that in the
absence of scaling and
moderation system, as
applied in UPSC exams,
the state civil service
exams are rendered
“ unfair”.
“Due to the faulty
examination system
the deserving
candidates are always
kept out of race, ” an
aspirant from Valley,
Muzaffar Lone said.
Another candidate,
Mushtahir Hussain said,
“ I was cent per cent
confident of my
success. Even this time,
I challenge the PSC
authorities to get my
answer scripts checked
by any subject expert in
front of me. If they find
my answers
unsatisfactory I am
ready to face any
punishment. ”
Meanwhile, if sources in
PSC are to be believed,
only 36 per cent
Muslims figure in the
Mains selection list.
Another pattern that
has emerged out of the
results is that the
candidates who had
opted for subjects like
Public Administration,
Hindi, and Zoology and
Urdu have qualified
Mains examination.
“ Question papers of
subjects like
Anthropology, Political
Science, Geography,
Sociology etc had been
made difficult in order
to keep away a
particular section of
candidates out of the
race intentionally, ” the
candidates alleged.
“ This time the political
intervention seems to
be there in the selection
procedure, ” they added.
The aggrieved
candidates have sought
intervention to redress
their grievances.
Meanwhile, Chairman
JKPSC, S L Bhat has
denied all the
allegations. “We have
issued the Mains result
based on roll numbers
only, so there is no
question of favoring a
Muslim or a Hindu, ” Bhat
said. “The failed
candidates want to
know their points only
to equate it with those
who got selected. When
the interviews will be
over everybody ’s points
will be declared,” he
said. Bhat said the
candidates can seek
any clarification about
the results from
Secretary PSC.
Meanwhile, the
candidates have decided
to stage a dharna
outside PSC office, Polo
View on Monday at 10


(narinder, 2010-10-03 20:36)

surprisinlgy if candidates from both jammu and sringar are alleging discrimination then from where PSC has chosen people for interview....
i dont know how people found out sociology and political science difficult as said in above article.cant say about zoology.

Re: To professionals

(rahul, 2010-10-03 18:26)

really bad result...people wid anthro,engg,sociology,dogri,geography,managment,agriculture,forestry hv really suffrd at cost of those who hd urdu,arabic,kashmiri...ths is really bad..as people who did literaly very little in g.s. are through...this is no Justice,..without scaling/moderation pre-judice prevails as has prevaild...result is a big shock 2 jammuites...

Re: Re: To professionals

(narinder, 2010-10-03 19:14)

though i have cleared my exams.but still lot of students have suffered in jammu.after final list a detail analysis should be given like in UPSC where complete details are given like how many students appeaered in a language,how many passed.
only then we can have some transparency in system.
then we wud surely know whats the trend in exam.

shut ur bones adfar

(vinay, 2010-10-03 18:07)

no wonder adfar ur right watching thru ur lens ...ur cousins n ur neighbours wud be selected doesnt matter whether they are professionals or they r safaiwakas or dhabewalas but come to south of banihal things are different here... the result has come as a biggest shock ever for even the biggest guns

It s a game they play

(Vinay, 2010-10-03 18:00)

All u inocents who r thinking of appearing in this exam next time with double zeal and think their fu@@ing dedication n hard work shall get them thru this them..here s a suggestion ..secure a job for u maybe a driver or even put a small t stall before u gv up everything preparing this exam...U LL BE RUINED ..THEY PLAY GAMES

To professionals

(ADFAR, 2010-10-03 17:30)

I don't think,lawyers,dr's etc are droped by psc becoz my cousin is a lawyer he is selected,another cousin is computer eng. He also selected,my neighbour is V.doctor he's also selected also my friend is a lecturer in physics he's also selected.BUT ACCORDING TO U SOME DON'T APPEAR IN EXAM BUT R SELECTED,WHIC I DON'T BELEAVE BUT IF IT'S THEN THIS LIST SHOULD BE CHALLANGED IN COURT.

To professionals

(Ibu, 2010-10-03 17:23)

It's quite silly to allege that professionals are meted out injustice. Just because a blogger finds few of his professional friends not in the selection list doesn't prove the allegation that a particular category of people is deliberately ignored.

to professionals

(Abdul Khabir, 2010-10-03 16:51)

Many professionals got through almost 90 percent with Veterinary Science qualified the Mains then where is this injustice Nobody can manipulate the Mains Written marks though in interview it may be done

injustice to proffessionals

(professionals, 2010-10-03 15:47)

This time there is delebrate attempt from psc and govt to keep the proffesionals like dr,engineersand lawyers away from kas. govt want to offer these posts to others as they argue that by spending huge amount on their technical education will be wasted as they opted for civil services.and news is coming out that some candidate who even did not appear have qualified .this list can be challanged in court and forced the psc to retake main exams fres

to abdul khabir

(saabir, 2010-10-03 15:29)

khabir bro thanks for suggestion but have more experience in prep. for civil services than u.as i told u that i got through mains twice in ias but in this exam u need an element of luck and reserve catageory to be in final list especially in upsc.as i did not have enough experience in kas so hopefully u will see myself in next kas exams.best of luck bro for ur interview and hopefully u will become kas soon


(ADFAR, 2010-10-03 15:10)

2.selection of
words should be
3.don't take
extreme views,if
situation so
demands be ready
with justifications.
4.on particular
questions try to
present all kinds
of views e.g AFSPA
5.if you don't
know answers to
admit so.don't give
wrong info,or keep
on hovering
around the
6.don't be
flexibility.try to
sound optimistic.
7.don't ever be
your heart
questions look in
to the eyes of the
board member.
8.board will try to
provocate you
handle it
carefully,in a
logical way.
9.collect info about
j&k,your home
district,hobbies etc
10.revise GS like
and politics.

hi every1

(kini, 2010-10-03 14:45)

with the blessings of ALMIGHTY i am able 2 get thru mains exams. I am nt able 2 write comments 4 sum time due 2 sum tech reason. Net is nt working on my PC, so i am writing from cafe. Congrats to all those who get thru mains. Those who do nt, prepare 4 nxt pre. All d best 2 all my friends 4 d interview.

to saabir

(Abdul Khabir, 2010-10-03 14:25)

Dear Saabir I m disappointed that u couldnt got through but dear remember that there must be a difference in your answer and that of a 10th standard student U yourself are saying that socio paper were so general that a 10th standard student would have attempted it but in Socio u will get marks only when u write with reference to thinkers Even if u r defining something u must define it in the language of thinker Even whole paper A is dominated by thinkers Every answer is to be supplemented with thinkers In Second paper Case studies are to be mentioned and even if Question paper is General In Nature U have to make it systematic by comparing any topic with its impact on Social institution like Marriage Family Kinship Economic system Political System etc etc All these things cant be mastered in 15 days and one who is striving hard from a longer time is definitely having an edge.This is what i think and i m sorry if i m wrong

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