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Re: To Dr fayaz ganie

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-29 11:28)

since i had not opted for geography i don't know much about this..!but judging from what my friends had to say about geography i feel the map portion was quite tough.furthermore,other questions were also too general.so,overall,scores may be low this time slightly....350 will be a very good score in geography.

Re: To Dr fayaz ganie

(Rajvir, 2010-09-29 09:26)

Dear adfar and dr saab . Regarding zoology do u think when paper 2 section 1 long answers was not scoring also short types...the previous 2 exams we had a high scoring both papers. People have scored 400 in zoology in earlier exams.....but becoz of paper 2,i expect that marks this time will be less than 400 and other subjects for ths matter the likes of urdu ,pol scnce ,mngmnt ,socio they expect to maintain the earlier trend of scoring above 450.....i thnk ths time scnce students may get a setback coz of the papers that we had like botany was lengthy-agriculture was out of syllabus,veterinary was also controvesial so was chemistry and geography 2 paper...what do u say adfar and ganie any other serious science student..

Re: Re: To Dr fayaz ganie

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-29 11:24)

yes in zoology paper section A..q1,q3,and 4 were really tough nuts to crack....but i did well!slightly this time zoology suffered in a way..but overall i think we will do better..you will see it.and science subjects fetch good marks.in humanities you can never be so sure as with science subjects.

Re: Re: To Dr fayaz ganie

(ADFAR, 2010-09-29 10:26)

Ya rajvir! Zoology 2nd paper was not scoring becoz of short answer type questions but ist paper was good & scoring.simalarly in botany both the papers espically 2nd paper was very lengthy. As bro (dr ganie) has said it's scoring but i think this time score of science subjects vl be low.but


(Amir to All, 2010-09-27 21:52)

Hi,Those who write hate messages or Personal comments against any one ,next for us will be to Log an online complaint to Police ...We should use this forum purely for Civil Services...I am also watching this ...Some of the Guys from Jammu use different names to write bad things about kashmir and aspirants...I request all persons to tolerate these messages and instead we will provide their IP to police to book them Under Cyber Crime Act ..

Re: Hello

(BIKRAM, 2010-09-28 14:28)

Amir and all aspirants
though my message seems to be personal but it came when i read the comment posted by Mr. Jimm about Mr. Ganaie.
and i am one of the serious aspirant like you never wanted to comment. however some friend took me otherwise. i feel sorry for such comments IF MY COMMENTS ARE NOT JUSTIFIED.

To Amir

(jimm, 2010-09-28 21:39)

haha! what will you do? 'mummy mummy woh KAS forum mai burra likhtay hain, mai police mai report karunga'

Are you this much an idiot because of studying too hard or is it in the genes.

You retard, the police of kashmir doesn't have time. it's buzy killing kashmiri's and repainting the walls of kashmir to conceal the expression of freedom.

If you're this sensitive, try some therapy.


(Amir To Jimm, 2010-09-28 23:04)

Don't spread hatred on the forum and use this forum for civil services only.Guys please contact 0194-2443010 0194-2443011 in case you find any other person who uses this forum for hatred..They will track his IP address .By spreading hatred on forums which should be used for civil services is a crime ...You can hide your name but not your IP ..


(saabir, 2010-09-28 19:04)

jkpsc office is working and they advertise few posts in some deptt.so any hope of results coming out in this week?Someone plz reply especially dr ganie and adfar

Re: results

(ADFAR, 2010-09-28 19:35)

Dear bro saabir,
As chairman has already said result vl be decleared within 5-6 days,it means up to 5th oct.let us wait up to 5th oct then we vl see wt vl happen.No one knows his/her result in advance these are remours so don't be panic PRAY FOR ALL ASPIRANTS.

Re: results

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-28 20:07)

hi guys,
how are you all??i really miss kini,and other old bloggers who were serious guys and i enjoyed sharing things with them.but now this blog has turned in to hell.and regarding results,the results will come out by 1 October..i.e Friday.tomorrow is every chance that result may be out,as there is a meeting in the psc tomorrow.i have talked to some of my good journo frens who are in touch with psc and will not them to further delay the result.if result doesn't come by 1 octb.a leading English daily will do a story on this.but,there is 100% possibility that result will come within next 72 hours.best of luck all.please pray for me too.and shear your results here.


(saabir, 2010-09-28 19:19)

Some guys are claiming that they know their results in advance and only the roll no of the candidate will appear and the separate merit list for each catageory and the marks will not be disclosed

Bikram & jimm

(Kashmir, 2010-09-27 20:30)

Dear guys,bikram & jimm etc r the same persons as they they have same IP ADRESS 18.123.582.363. Mr don't play game with kashmaries,we know each and every thing.

Re: Bikram & jimm

(bikram, 2010-09-28 14:16)

hello kashmir
have you read my message. it was addressed to mr jimm where i himself cricised his personal comments on ganaie. because i didn't like such personal comments.
one thing i want to say that i am not the jimm, i have my own identity as Bikram and can't make any such comments. so please first you understand things then put your views.


(Irfan ali, 2010-09-26 13:53)

Hurryat has again issue a calender then what about result.Do you think result will be decleared in a week ?.Do you think this result will be without corruption ?
Why not pak and india including hurryat personals throw a nuclear bomb on kashmir so that whole story will end by this we vl die once but by hartals & cerfews we are dieing bit by bit.


(lubaid, 2010-09-26 15:05)

because brother to some people, dignity of life is more important than the result of KAS examinations.

I understand that you are too keen for the results but that should not make us disgrace our movement and discount the problems that our qaum is facing.

Guys, be career oriented by be a son of the soil too

Kind regards


(ADFAR, 2010-09-27 07:19)

My dear Arif ali,
i'm speach less what can i say to you.Results vl come let it be 15 days,1 month but it vl come one day.As for as corruption in results are concerned i want to advise you & other friends if God has made us for KAS then there is no force on earth who can stop us ,it depends upon will of god not on the will of corrupt people.Hartals & cerfews r not going to remain for ever,some people are playing game with innocent people let them play but god is watching every thing,U please don't lose ur heart,pray to god for sucess of all aspirants & peace for j&k,peace for whole india and peace for whole country.


(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-27 08:22)

salam and hi irfan,
as adfar bro has said i agree with him.but,yes there has been of lete lot of rumours doin rounds this time around due to turmoil and lack of accountability,result would be a disaster.bu we are helpless let us see what happens.and let us pledge that if we get through we will work honestly and try to stop this corruption thing.it is destroying our state and has become like a cancer.all guys like me who come from humble background and don't have any political or bureaucratic channels have been left in
lurch.regarding results,what can i say,psc came up with KCS results during curfew and even managed to conduct there interviews.so who knows why curfew and strike for KAS only???LET US HOPE FOR BEST...best of luck to all guys..


(jimm, 2010-09-27 14:47)

I don't think you should worry about KAS results, looking at your spellings and grammar - you might need to take up high school again.



(bikram, 2010-09-27 15:04)

Dear jimm
you have no right to write personal comment on anyone. who the hell are you to judge anyone?
i think Mr. Ganaie would be in the final list of result.
so its better to keep your mouth shut if you can not say anything positive. hope you won't mind.
all the best for ypour results

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