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Re: latest rumour in he market..

(narinder, 2010-09-20 08:11)

sirjee apne to kaha tha ki ab aap koi hint nahi denge ... :) :)

Re: latest rumour in he market..

(ADFAR, 2010-09-20 08:34)


Re: latest rumour in he market..

(tafheem, 2010-09-20 09:27)

i wana talk to u dr ganaie gv me ur number or call on this 9018505122

please stop!!!

(omar, 2010-09-20 08:10)

yeh kaun se aag hai, jalay tha dushman ka ghar, kud ko jala betha!
Plz brothers stop these hate comments.
No one should be so rude , what u people are discussing . Hum insaan hai insanyat ki baatein karo.plz stop this. Donot u think we all have become devil for each other? Have luv remember we have to stay here in this state togather and this is the only fact.

if You are kashmiri's stay in kashmir dont cry from Glass houses

(To Rinku and Bute Godik, 2010-09-19 22:12)

i agree with GAZI ..Vikram didn't interrupt when aditya kaul said there should be free hand for Army..even KP's should condemn it but unfortunately no one is doing so ...they want 370 Removed ,they want to AFSPA to stay...These beggers met Defence Minister also and said AFSPA should stay ...they are begging throughout world say "Pandits killed "but beggers never ever say what happened to Muslims..even they treat 6 year old kid as terrorists ...shame shame on pandits..first of all most of them dont speak kashmiri ..they cant be called as kashmir's ...


(RINKU, 2010-09-19 19:42)

I am not sure whether you are a kashmiri Muslim or not but first of all Let me clarify that I am a Kashmiri Pandit. So, I wont be satisfied with your comments in this article. There has been a growing attempt by Muslim people to avoid giving the religious dimension to this Kashmiri Sunni Muslim Struggle. .. Let me remind you about Wandhama Massacre.. Chatisinghpura Massacre. Kashmiri Muslims openly saying "Batav rosti batani san kashir banavav pakistan" (Without Kashmiri Hindu Males and With Kashmiri Hindu females we will make Kashmir Paskistan). How can you even justify this to be a non Islamic struggle. And there are many other incidents starting not only from 1989 but from 11th century itself when Muslim rulers destroyed and decimated Hindus till only 11 Kashmiri Hindu Families remained. There are many instances which I cannot write here as it pains me to go through all those memories. Just to add that I have lost Many relatives at the Hand of these Kashmiri Sunni Muslims. Also just one more thing to add, it is said that security forces killed 8yrs old and 9 yrs old.... I simply dont understand how boys of such tender age join the protests as there minds are not developed to understand this. This is for those who say that this is not organised ????


(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-19 20:07)

Rinku or whosoever you are.you pointed towards massacre...tell me how many pandits have been killed in such massacres you are talkin of???from 1991 to 2010,in total 300 kashmiri hindus have lost there lives!!and during all these years more than 90000 kashmiri muslims have been killed,1400 languish in jails,9000 women have been raped.and you are talkin of suffering!we have been through hell,wounds have been inflicted on our hearts and souls.kashmir has been converted in to an armed garrison,were each day we are grilled.i can't understand why you pandits always spew venom about kashmiri muslims.you are talking of slogans and all that and im from a place near to wandhama.the fact is that when pandit were killed there last rites were performed not by any pandit but by local kashmiri muslims!shame on you for demonising and painting kashmiris is wrong colours.and if some king in history had gone for mass murder of hindus,then probably noone would have been living today(coz you were only 2%of total population then)and your holy places like shankar acharya,kheer bhawani should not have been there..but the fact is today you are 5% and all of your historical holy places are intact...


(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-19 20:18)

have a look on the history...pre 1989 history.all important posts were held by pandits,KAS,docs ,engineers....irrespective of your minority status you held posts that were not in a proportion to your population.still never any muslim raised a voice.we loved you and still we love you.eventhough,guys from my generation don't know so much about you,but we carry the kashmiri genes of composite culture of love,compassion,and brotherhood.but,it's unfortunate that you nurture such grudges against us,you keep on doin baseless propaganda against kashmiris muslims and always spew venom.even the hardline seperatists never speak a single word against kashmiri hindus but you in the form of fascist terror groups like panun kashmir are hell bent upon tearing the very social fabric of kashmir.im telling you loss will be yours.better to introspect.sow the seeds of love and compassion,not of hatred and communalism.i dislike to write on such pity issues but you words are like cobra venom which hurt.MAY GOD LEAD YOU FROM DARKNESS IN TO THE LIGHT


(To Rinku....(Mahajir), 2010-09-19 21:55)

Dear Rinku ,389 Pandits in 21 years and 1 lakh Muslims, 90 thousand innocents ,dont you think we have red blood like you in our Veins...We Thought you got Reservation outside in teen shed Colleges and must have learnt your history,Culture or education but shame on you and your Community...No kashmiri pandits is condemning the
Killings of 8 or 10 year old kid instead of defending Focres ...you are "meeta Zahar" ...janatar mantar pe "panun kashmir " salee beek mangate hein ..Ajay Kaul aap ka president ...see now debates now you even dont know "How to speak"..You dont want to come back just Slogans for AID ..JagMohan ne ab kya kaha ...ab kya program hein ..


(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-19 20:29)

and dear rinku...give me any proof you have for the slogan you wrote in your blog entry???it's a total lie....white lie...there can't be anyone more tolerant then a kahmiri in this world.open your eyes and see throughout these long years a common kashmiri have never harmed a nonmuslim brother even when there was lot of provocation.since you fled valley to live a comfortable life...free from war and violence..in your presence we took care of your temples,of your old parents which you left behind.i myself daily visit my nearby pandit aunt and bring her vegetables from the market.i love to listen to her chit chat and often she says im her son.look,there is no time for hate in this short life,spread love.come here and feel our pulse we still love you.you are part of our culture.but please give up this cunning and communal thinking.


(Aamir, 2010-09-19 19:35)

Mr GAZI Will u plz tell me who r our leaders in kashmir.


(GAZI, 2010-09-19 19:18)

Last ni8 wen i watched ndtv i felt that v r da biggest fools possible. kashmiri pandits really dnt deserve any sort of kindness. what da hell ws aditya kaul speaking. evry kashmiri is a terrorist & army should b given a free hand. wat i think is dat no kashmiri should eva participate in such debates. da host vikram didnt say anything to aditya wen he said evry kashmiri is a terrorist, bt hw many tymes did he interrupt gautum! no one shud eva participate in dere debates starting frm our leaders to a common youth.

(INTRO) Dear dr f.ganie

(ADFAR, 2010-09-19 16:34)

Dear frnd
plz put up one question from the list which u have already posted.we vl do discussion on this question then we vl put next & so on .........


(rraj., 2010-09-19 15:37)

thankyou dr. ganaie for ur valuable tips..


(tafheem, 2010-09-19 14:01)

ny news about results ................


(ADFAR, 2010-09-19 09:58)

It's shame on our part that some people has started war on the basis of KM's & KP's.we r future administrators but we don't know our responsibility.
You Mr K.M do u not know what our ISLAM teaches us,do u not know being a muslim wt are your responsibility towards a nonmuslim i.e kM,HINDUS &SIKH BROTHESR.ISLAM teaches us u have to first enquire for food to a non muslim neighbour then u have to take yourself
& U Mr K.P it's vesy shame u r from the same soil & u r treating kashmaries as stone pelter.do u not know wt r ur responsibilities.every one choose a way to show his anger,
kashmaries has choose this way.if people of other states & countries can protest why not a kashmaries whoes father,son,brother is killed
This time kashmir is burning we both KP's & KM's should join our hands for the betterment of people of kashmir.


(Sahid, 2010-09-19 10:51)

Thumbs up mr.adfar


(SHAH ANWAR, 2010-09-19 12:01)



(tafheem, 2010-09-19 14:00)

thanks adfar i think we should eradicate these km and kp concepts 4rm our mind and we should not lose utility of this blog by taking it in wrong direction

Thanks mr ganai

(Mr khan, 2010-09-19 13:31)

Im new to ksc blog!
I thnk here r very gud guy esp. Dr ganai!
Thanks dr ganai for sum informtive interv tips and probable questions.

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