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india..is being a nationalist kashmiri my crime?

(mohmmad gauhar, 2010-09-09 16:37)

Kashmiris are proud of their nationality and perhaps it is their biggest sin. Every time a trooper gazes at a Kashmiri woman my blood boils and I guess what, I am not terrorist.
I remember the countless dead bodies I have seen in my childhood. The pogrom still continues today, unabated. Childhood in Kashmir is not normal. I never played with toys like you. We played with plastic guns that were manufactured by your industries. We were not allowed to move outside for nobody knew which bullet had whose name written on it. The memories have itched their mark on my mind.

How can I forget the long curfew days when I waited for my father and uncles to return, the hunger, the thirst and the agony to stand aside while they checked our houses as if we were criminals? You must have seen your mother yearning for you to grow into adults. I have seen my mother praying if only we could remain children, for she feared the inevitable.

When I think of my childhood I find nothing has changed since then, the tussle is on. Kashmiris even then and now have been pushed to the wall. India has always poked the barrel in our chests with a smiling face. The only difference between now and then are the means of resistance. Then it was the gun, now it protests and stones. And for people like me who can’t even pelt stones, minting words is an easiest option.

INDIA Pushing the Kashmiri to the Wall, Again....BY SHIVAM VIJ...2nd part

(wasem gul, 2010-09-09 05:12)

INDIA Pushing the Kashmiri to the Wall, Again....BY SHIVAM VIJ...2nd part
The Indian Army is not only not in favour of repealing or amending the Armed Forces Special Powers Act that gives it impunity in all its actions in Kashmir and the north-eastern states, but has also on record stated its objections to be called back to the barracks. This supports widespread allegations in Kashmir that Indian forces have vested interests in Kashmir; earning monetary rewards and medals for killing innocent people and passing them off as militants is only one of them.
As Kashmir was protesting the Machhil fake encounter, a young boy, Tufail Ahmed Matoo, 17, was killed in Srinagar by the local police. They fired at him from such a close range that he died with a half-inch hole in his skull. He was returning from tuition, and even though the local police were chasing stone-pelters, the precision with which he was killed cannot be a mistake.

Why was Tufail Ahmed Mattoo killed? It may just be police frustration, but conspiracy theorists in Kashmir say it could be a way of diverting attention from Machhil.

Far from offering regret and ordering enquiries into Mattoo's killing, the state government pretended as though all was fine. Stone-pelters had to be dealt with and such mistakes would take place. That's when a vicious cycle of protest-death-protest started. In 18 days 11 civilians died, mostly minor boys, one of them 9 years old.

Kashmir's summer of discontent has to be seen in the context of the post-militancy situation. As India was claiming victory in Kashmir, the people rose in revolt in 2008. 62 innocent protestors were killed. There were protests all summer in 2009 against a double rape and murder case in Shopian, committed allegedly by either the local police or Indian forces. 32 protestors were killed. In Shopian I met one of the members of the local committee asking for justice. They said they did not want to link this to azadi, they wanted justice under Indian laws. But when justice was denied, everybody said the only solution was azadi.

By this summer India has come down very hard on stone-pelters, arresting and killing countless. Protests have been responded to with bullets, curfew, banning media, even arresting those active on the internet. Delhi has made it clear it is not serious about engaging the separatist leadership, even though it has been pretending to be pen to dialogue since 2003. As a result, angry youth are not even in the control of the Hurriyat leaders.

It is clear that Delhi is not going to make any concessions to the people of Kashmir. The troops that Kashmiris see as a problem are for Delhi the solution. The Kashmiri common man feels frustrated to hear about Indo-Pak talks as though the Kashmiri people don't matter. Not all of the infiltration encounters this summer have been fake, and there are rumours of more Kashmiris trying to cross the LoC into Pakistan. Delhi is pushing people to pick up the gun again, and perhaps it prefers that to non-violent protests for azadi that attract international attention.

Delhi, it seems, prefers to deal with an insurgency. Crushing non-violent protests makes India seem bad even before its own people, and that's why the disinformation campaign through the Delhi media.

Another round of militancy in Kashmir, however, would mean that India will be able to portray itself as a victim of terrorism, especially if Pakistan re-opens the militant tap to Kashmir after Obama exits the Afghan theatre. It will be easier for India to crush another armed struggle as it is much better prepared to do so now that it was in 1989. Sadly, all signals are that Kashmir is headed for another bloody decade.

INDIA Pushing the Kashmiri to the Wall, Again....BY SHIVAM VIJ...

(WASEEM GU;, 2010-09-09 05:10)

INDIA Pushing the Kashmiri to the Wall, Again....BY SHIVAM VIJ...
In In the first week of June, I sat at a shopfront with a group of shopkeepers of Kalarus, a small town in Kupwara district in north Kashmir. In 1999, they collected money and bought land for a martyrs' graveyard, one of many such in Kashmir. Whenever the Indian army killed militants trying to infiltrate from Pakistan to the Indian side of the Line of Control, they would hand over the bodies to the Kupwara police, who would give it to these people to bury after an autopsy.

"Look up at the mountain peak," said one of them, "It is snow clad all twelve months. It is the LoC, 70 kms from here. Do you think anyone would cross that wearing the traditional Kashmiri Khan dress?" And yet, most of the hundred odd bodies in the graveyard had come wearing clothes unfit for snow. And, most of them had so many bullet marks on the face that they were unidentifiable.


(bikram, 2010-09-08 18:03)

hi guys
wot abt the results
any news?

Re: result

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-08 18:39)

hi guys,
kcs resultas were scheduled to be declared today but as all members were not present so postponed!will be declared after eid!!
KAS mains will come possibly on 15th if there was a little calm!!


(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-08 10:26)

hi guys,
seems this blog has again been hijacked.mr koshur musalman..and others i think you all guys have put forth your views.and know it that the parties to the kashmir conflict know the truth but they want the issue to remain there coz it serves there interests.Arundhati Roy once said that,whenever political leadership of india and pak feels that they need to divert the public attention they start teurning the attention of there respective votebanks towards kashmir.they want the kashmir isssue to ramin there.let us hope goos sense prevails and this iisue is resolved once and for all.
further,guys what is latest about results??kini want you here please.

We are not you. We have never been you.

(KOSHHUR MUSSALMAN, 2010-09-02 19:06)

Burn your Bollywood movies. Come to Kashmir. Walk through our cities. The bridges. The ruins. The graves. Look at what we eat. Look at our buildings. Our shrines. Our architecture. Our speech. Our history. Speak to us. See how we live. We are not you. We have never been you. We don’t want to be you

Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(Azad, 2010-09-04 14:49)

Yes frnds we are not indians we want azadi .lets bycott all that is indian..indian roads , indian electricity, govt medical facilities,subsidised food, kerosene,lpg etc. Lets bring back our students studying in various indian universites.lets guit govt jobs ..then the world will bow before us for sure. R we ready for such sacrifice? We shud if we really say we r not indians n we dont want to be indians

Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(bikram, 2010-09-04 15:23)

have you ever imagined the results of secession.
i am not against the freedom if it really satisfies the kashmiri ppl and solve the kashmir problem. if you think that this will lead to prosperity for kasmir then its fine but otherside of the coin is too scary. incase kashmir will be granted freedom then pakistan will take over kashmir. do you have any idea abt the economic conditions of POK? if azadi can solve our problem you can do whatever stepts u hav suggested.......

Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(gABBAR, 2010-09-05 17:41)

Ek minute Mr azaad & Mr KOSHHUR , I want to ask you both one question.
How can you people so selfishly presume that Kashmir is only yours...? What about your fellow Kashmir residents who have been driven out of Kashmir by brutal means & have been living in exile for past 20 years...!! Do you ever think about them...?
I am talking about Kashmiri Pandits. They have as much right on kashmir's land as you have, and they very much consider themselves as a part of India.
Well as for suffering and pain , both Kashmiri Pandits as well as Muslims have suffered very much during all those years of unrest. But the only difference is that while the Pandits suffered due to militant's acts, you people have been suffering due to army's acts. So when the terrorists made those innocent Kashmiris flee their homeland in terror, did you feel the same pain for them also...? Then army started becoming harsh on general muslim populace also because it suspected they were secretly supportering them. Of course it is not really justified to harass innocent civilians, but then, pain has been there both way.
Any solution to Kashmir's population must consider the rights & aspirations of Kashmiri Pandits also

We are not you. We have never been you.

(Europe to Gabbar, 2010-09-05 18:42)

why u kashmiri pandits are not comming back,just come back and stay with us ...u got reservation in each and every state of India...please come back and share the problems which we face here...or you want come after some solution and want enjoy beauty of kashmir...389 pandits killed in 20 years ..we all regret it and 1 lakh muslims killed out of 80000 innocent muslims..I see banner every where ,there attoricties on kashmir 's pandits but no banner saying 70000 muslims killed..we have a blood which is Red like all Human Beings in the world ,is our blood so cheap..morever brother most of kashmir's pandits really speaking will never come back ..they have good facilities ,reservation and Future with Nightlife and liquor outside kashmir...they cry only to get aid and scholarship...may be some poor pandits in Jammu want to come back...Other people has lost culture ejoying Boy Frnd/girl frnd /disco dance and liquor culture..if u want to cry come back and cry with us otherwise dont cry to Fool people in India.

Re 2 gabbar: We are not you. We have never been you.

(koshhur mussalman, 2010-09-06 05:29)

i m nt going into stats regardng kps, bt cd u tl me hu cd provide justice 2 5 lac muslims in jammu that were massacared by dogra n rss forces in 1947 n 10 lac tht were thrown into exile ... just chkthe census, reasi n kathua were muslim majority bt due 2 genocide of muslms,,,,thy bcm hindu majority overnyt...NEXT TIME WN ANYONE RECITES THE ALAAP OF PANDITS, REMBR JAMMU MUSLIMS TOO, FI AMANILLAH....

Re: Re 2 gabbar: We are not you. We have never been you.

(gABBAR, 2010-09-06 21:27)

Dear KOSHHUR MUSSALMAN I hv read all ur posts & am feeling respect for you due to your logical presentations of your points of view. Well let me tell you that I'm NOT a kashmiri Pandit, but a neutral 3rd person who's been observing from outside. My heart equally bleeds for anyone's suffering coz all are humans. Also I've seen the video & read the articles whose links you've given.

Well bro as for the massacre in 1947 we cant really use it to judge things , b'coz as you may find upon reading Khushwant Singh's "Train to Pakistan" , such mass murders were there from both sides. There was too much of public brutality which cant be justified, & lakhs of hindus as well muslims were killed. Trainloads of corpses were sent from either sides.
The more appropriate criteria would be the events of recent years.The data given by Europe in above post shocks me , and if it is really true , then i bow down to all you people

Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(raj, 2010-09-06 20:09)

go to hell....................

Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(Jimm, 2010-09-05 14:11)

that was a nice way to put it. very subtle. Usually I tend to be a li'l personal and aggressive while debating kashmir. good change :)

I'm in oxford right now and it so reminds me of kashmir.

Ps:I like india too. India is one of our neighbouring countries. we should try for cultural exchanges more often :)

Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(Jimm, 2010-09-05 20:36)

Oxford or Harvard theoretical Degrees dont work here...dont try to show ur status here...ShutUp

Re: Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(sham, 2010-09-06 11:02)

y don't they work... if it is showoff then ur attitude is right.. otherwise oxford/harvard education is one of the best in world....

Re: Re: Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(SHAM, 2010-09-06 19:33)

oxford or harvard degree people at highest level in banks had lead to unguided regulations in US which lead to global recession and even Nobel prize winner in economics has said them learn Reulations from RBI...Naryan Murthy's could get IIT computer science at mumbai and he went there on FullBright scholarship...it is no longer a pearl brother...output matters not seminar papers and presentations ..

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(sham, 2010-09-07 13:47)

crisis do happen regularly it is like a cycle it happened in 1980's,90's,2000 and in 2008-09..it is like a cycle with success there comes failure also.. and the universities are not about presentations..there is a saying in harvard campus "u cant sleep when u r in harvard campus" i have attended 1 month training program of harvard..they make u study atleast 18hrs a day in delhi during my job training and that was equivalent to more than 2year's of my masters..
if u get into civil service the commission gives u opportunities to do programs in these campuses do it u will definitely feel the difference..
for ur refrence last year one of my friend came back to kashmir for holidays he is ba-economics from oxford.. he was offered 7 lakh package by erricson as an analyst in kashmir.. when they saw his skills... and compare it with students of ku and ju...

Re: We are not you. We have never been you.

(AR, 2010-09-05 19:14)

KOUSHHUR u have painted a very dark picture of Indian authority over Kashmir here....thats ok.... but now can u also please throw some light on the conditions in Kashmir 10yrs further, in case it is granted succession today????

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