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Re: article 370

(raj, 2010-09-01 19:55)

separtist are the people who neither want to aborgate nor amendments in article 370, as they consider themselves separte from india and never in favour of jnk people as they want to make kasmir a separate country. so ,i think there is a urgent need of amendments in the article 370, which make a jnk a developed state and also a state which is free from vested elements

article 370

(rajj, 2010-09-01 13:51)

jk has a special status in india and this status is dividing jk from other states and definitely causing a blow to national unity.I think present turmoil in valley is consequence of this special status.there should be permanent solution to this what are ur sugesstions.

Re: article 370

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-01 17:03)

all of the ills of india are not due to ''identity factor''this can prove to be very beneficial if we give a feeling to communities that india intends not there complete assimilation and consequent loss of there identity but kinda of accomodation and integration and due care has to be taken to preserve there cultural heritage and unique identity.what anthropoligists suggest is that inujustice and exploitation,and loot of resourceses causes a simmering anger and when state does't listen to cries of people seperateist tendencies emerge.the moist threat,north east and kashmir are points in the case.the greatest problem with india has been ''weakness of democratic institituitons"as angans chaterjee recently said that if india had practised only 0.5%of democracy in kashmir things would have been quite different.right from 47.there has beeen rigging in elections,and used of terror and milititary might to suppress the voices of kashmiris.which ultimatelly led to seperatist wave.

Re: article 370

(raj, 2010-09-01 19:38)

article 370 gives us a special status and also number of benifts to its p eople, for example govt post in jnk is the only for jnk people ,but there is a urgent need of amendmenter in it,because article 370 dosent allow any mnc to operate in jnk , which become the main cause of militancy in jnk and if mnc will permited to operate in jnk , thn definately to sm extent it will reduce poverty, unemployment, which is the one of the cause of militancy in jnk and this way , one can think of economic development in jnk.

article 370

(raj, 2010-09-01 19:04)

aborgation of article 370 wiil make mnc to make infrastructure in kashmir, which definately help in reducing poverty, unemployment and in this way it becomes the first step to reduce the militancy in jammu and kashmir.

article 370..cntd

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-01 17:16)

similarly...the permenant executive structure was changed. the all india services like IAS were extended to jnk in 1963.this led to fall in popularity graph of govt and added fuel to the fire(as per kashmir.org).the KAS become in a way marginalised.they only reach up to the middle rung posts wereas the key posts go to IAS!!there is a need to look ar jnk from an historical perspective and its a unique case and needs not to be compared with other states.what works in other states can't work in jnk.

article 370..cntd

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-09-01 17:12)

the real problem statred with central govt step by step tempering with article 370,to a level that it was made just hollow.like article 356 was extended to jnk.similarly article 249..which gave centre a free hand to legislate on any state subject.sixth amendement to the state constituition(taking away the titles of prez and pm).similarly extension of article 368!!after india resorted to such tactics jnk felt cheated and slowly seperatist tendencies began to emerge>>>

article 370

(raj, 2010-08-31 19:54)

consequences of aborgation of article 370.

Re: article 370

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-08-31 20:20)

dear raj,
we have to keep in mind the accession of kashmir with india was a special case and kashmir had constituitonally become part of india but ensured complete autonomy with only foreign affairs,currency,and defence being with centre.but over a period of time this special status was diluted and slowly many of the provisions of india constituition were extended to jnk.this has over a period of time proved to out be a very dangerous decision.specially after 1963,the popularity of govt began to decline and there was rise of seperatist sentiment as people felt cheated.now if article 370 is abrogated as is being demanded by pan hindu nationalist parties it may prove out to be disaster only.what works in other states of india is not necessarily sure to work in jnk.

Re: article 370

(omar, 2010-09-01 09:20)

370 has some history. But question, as said by some blogger, is about center state relations. Various articles in constitution needs to redefined as art 249 , 356 , 368 etc . Indian setup should be real federal where indian states have full liberity to decide ön their own decissions about various policy matters and development projects. Centre s/b be advisory not forceful to its states. Same policy for one india doesn't work as of its diversity in every aspect. Center should trust its own people of india.

Changed pattern of I.A.S

(khalid, 2010-09-01 10:36)

Sir, don't u think that it will benefit the students from maths stream


(To fayaz from Rehan, 2010-09-01 09:33)

JK is the only state in India which is having its own flag and own constitution..but GOI eroded our autonomy status over years but they now actively considering that..JK acession was under special conditions so we should have a federal state with our CM back with title of Prime Minister and governor as sadari riyasat...Holding power at one centre leads to think "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" ...Most of subjects should be in state list not in Central/Concurrent List.some articles in constitution need to be amended where in central govt can interfere in any matter when emergency demands so.(that is often being misused)


(ADFAR, 2010-09-01 02:07)

Dear dr sahib & others
Plz tell me after qualifing kas how are posts give to the selecties eg if one has opt for police but he has higher merit than police then he will be given police or other dept.


(Rehan to Adfar, 2010-09-01 09:23)

u are answering ur own question ...higher merit will always get services as per his choice

to fayaz and all

(omar, 2010-09-01 09:07)

what do u think , what could be the potential areas for development in j n k


(Tariq, 2010-09-01 04:48)

Will there be general cut off as it was in kCS or it will be catagary wise.
Any expected cut off, please


(ADFAR, 2010-08-31 21:37)

JDear raj,
j&k has a special status which other states do not have. constitutionaly jk IS independ state and has full authority except defence.external affairs. Telecommination but from last years central govt has full control on all the state breaking all the rules which cause unrest in people.now various various parties want to dilute article 370 which is special status of state will burn the state which also engulf the whole india.

370 PART 2

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-08-31 20:34)

with so much of talking about centre state relations now a days,some people are of the opinion that increased autonomy to states will be a wellcome step.people are talking about more fedral character in indian democractic setup.under these conditions why should one go for abrogation of article 370??the legal status of accession will come under a shadow with the abrogation of article 370..since accession was done on conditions of greater autonomy of jnk.india should rather try to strenghthen article 370 by restoring it back to its original position.accomodation is better then anhilation.

Kas pre 2010

(ADFAR, 2010-08-31 19:59)

Dear Dr,adv,kini & others.What is new date for kas pre 2010

Re: Kas pre 2010

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-08-31 20:10)

adfar g..nobody knows yet...it will be notified keep visiting psc website!!

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