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Re: Kas mains result

(adv, 2010-08-14 08:20)

ha ha ha
here comes aanother confirmed source
lagey raho.....koi aur bhi nahi

Re: Re: Kas mains result

(Ravi, 2010-08-14 10:12)

Dear its confirmed news and this date was discussed 2 months before in psc office during inter dept meeting and i m repeating same date for last 2 months and remained same despite rumors.


(payal, 2010-08-12 06:41)

b prepared guys result z gona come in 3-4 days dis z 200% confrmd nuz bst of luk to all of u.......

Re: result

(adv, 2010-08-12 08:26)

so now we got another rumour...3-4 days..
payal ye khabar kahan sey mili ??

Re: result

(Ravi, 2010-08-12 10:11)

U r right i have confirmed the same today

Re: result

(dr fayyaz ganaie, 2010-08-12 10:22)

hi payal g,
who told you this i just had a word with deputy secretary of psc and he said it may take about one month!!!so better not to spread rumours.i got confirmed info.morever,psc is functioning and one can't understand why can't they operate from jammu if there is some problem in kashmir.these are really a bunch of idiots!!

Re: result

(Rattan, 2010-08-12 10:41)

Right payal, i hv my friend in GAD, he asked one pvt secreatry of psc. They reside in the same hotel , true news

Re: Re: result

(adv, 2010-08-12 13:34)

yaar plz tell mw some reliable info ??
wen is the expected day///...kashmir study circle plz ans


(KSC, 2010-08-12 19:25)

Dear friends,

Results are not commnig very very soon. Keep cool till the circumstances normalise in Kashmir. This was stated by Chairman, PSC to one of the asociates of KSC today..

KAS (Prel.) exam is definitley delayed by a month.

Meanwhile, prepare for your interiews and next prel.
Best of luck.

Re: Re-result

(hilal, 2010-08-13 08:38)


Re: result

(ghayal, 2010-08-12 20:17)

aur tum kahan se ye CONFIRMED news le aayi miss payal...!

Is blog main confirmed news dene waalon ki to kamee hi nahin hai ............ idle people having nothin else2 do , hh

The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-08 20:02)

The Burning Paradise

Its been 20yrs when the militance erupted in Kashmir & since then, it has witnessed only mayhem chaos bomb blasts curfews deaths & more deaths. Sometimes there is intermittent peace also & we started thinking that situation is improving but the harsh reality is that situation in Kashmir was always the same. Whats going on in Kashmir for the past one month is in continuation to that but this time there is something different happening. Today, an average Kashmiri [whether women children elderly] are on the streets & they are not holding any weapons but only protesting & demanding AZAADI. Secondly, a kashmiri finds himself more closer towars separatist leaders than the main line political parties.
But the question arises why such things are happening It is very easy to blame Kashmiri people or the separatist leaders or Pakistan for whatever is happening in Kashmir, on the other hand Kashmiri people blame it on the security forces & Indian Govt. But the situation of Kashmir is more complex than that. For the last 20yrs Kashmiri people are suffering, have seen only bloodshed. Walking down a street a Kashmiri meets a security man on every chowk who straight away points a gun on him, asks him about his identity card, ask him to raise his FAREN & checks his body for weapons. Militants often knock their doors & ask for food shelter & support on gun point & if security forces come to know about the militants at some place, without losing a moment security forces attack the house often razing it to earth. Moreover the owners also feel the wrath of security forces for giving shelter to anti nationals. Moreover there are news of fake encounters, missing people[often branded as terrorist who have crossed over the LOC to get arms training] & other such human rights violations.
Now looking at the other viewpoint, is it really the security forces who are to be blamed for all the sufferings of kashmiris==== Is it a soldier which starts a war===A security personnel is also a human being who in ordinary situation would not like to kill even an ant. The security forces are also executing an order to restore peace & normalcy in the affected area & for that they require acts like AFSPA & regarding human rights violation, those occur in the areas where the acts like AFSPA aren’t there e.g. Mumbai, Gujarat etc or is there any part of the worlds where security forces are controlling the law & order situation & there are no human rights violation e.g. more than 50000 people died in NO WAR ZONE in Sri Lanka during final phases of LTTE war, similar situation in contries like north korea & china where hundreds of people executed every year. A Security personel also wants to go back to his Barracks, he would never like to shoot at his own countrymen,they also suffer ,on one hand, people who are standing against them & raining stones & on the other hand its govt. orders asking them to show restrain
So, whatever might be the situation or whoso ever responsible, it is an average kashmiri who has to suffer because he is caught on the crossroads between security forces & anti national elements. So in my view, when a Kashmiri asks for AZAADI he is not at all asking for independence from the India, but from all the chaos, mayhem, killings & more killings, the recent boil which we are witnessing is only a reaction to the suffering. though there are people or politicians who take advantage & instigate people against the Indian Govt., showing them responsible for everything. An average Kashmire wants to spend a peaceful life, wants his children to go out without fear.
[To be continued]

Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-08 20:03)

The onus clearly lies on the government but unfortunately that has not happened. A kashmiri finds himself more closer to a separatist leader rather than a elected representative, definitely there is something very wrong & lack of communication between the elected representatives & people is clearly a reason for that. The army general recently made a statement that WE ARE NOT ABLE TO POLITICALLY GAIN ON THE GAINS WE HAD MADE BY CONTROLLING THE MILITANCY IN KASHMIR.such political statement drew criticism by the political parties but the reality is that whatever he said is absolutely true. Whenever there is intermittent peace, we starts tinking situation is improving & we start celebrating VISIT KASHMIR YEAR but the reality is that situation in Kashmir is still the same evn after 20 long years.
[ To be continued

Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-09 12:53)

The next thing is how to solve the Kashmir problem, given the fact that Kashmir in the course of time has become a very complex situation. Kashmir today is facing Militancy funded by our not so good neighbouring country, it is having very important geostrategic location both to India & Pakistan, Kashmir is the only state bordered by 4 different countries, the three regions of J&K are having quite different demographic profile & having different needs & demands, the political parties have their vote bank in different regions, political parties are not having a concensus on how to solve the Kashmir problem & every party playing the role of Nationalist when in power but as a separatist when away from power, special powers to armed forces to control law & order situation which itself creates problem sometimes.
Now the 1st question is whether demanding succession from India will lead to better lives for a average kashmiri==
Will Pakistan stops exporting terror to Kashmir if granted succession
Thirdly, in his speeches Mr. Geelani often refers to J&K but are people of Jammu & Ladakh also ready for succession==
Fourthly, is the succession only for Kashmir under India or Mr Geelani is going to launch a freedom movement in Pakistan occupied Kashmir also==
Fifthly, & most important, Can J&K survive independently if granted succession==
The answers to the above questions are simple & straight. Given the geostrategic importance, neither India nor Pakistan is going to grant succession to Kashmir.
The Pakistan itself is a failed state & the Islamic fundamentalists funding terror are non state actors on which Govt. of Pakistan have no control. If given succession, these fundamentalist forces will start taking control of Kashmir to expand teir horizons & will turn it into another Afghanistan & POK, Kashmir will become a breeding ground for terrorist activities.
Regarding Jammu & LAdakh, there are no freedom movements or successionist movements in both Jammu & Ladakh & the political parties also don’t support the successionist movements
Lastly whether Kashmir can survive if granted succession & will it lead to better lives for a kashmiri== The answer is certainly a NO. the economy of Kashir is still a rural economy highly dependent on central grants. Moreover there is no scope for large scale industrialization, no sea ports for trade. If Kashmir one day becomes independent it will become a buffer state between India & Pakistan similar to Nepal being a buffer state between India * China. In such a situation both India & Pakistan wont let Kashmir to get stronger whether militarily or economically.

So given such Complex situation, what can be possible situation for solving Kashmir crisis== how can be make the lives of Kashmiris better== How can we take the people of KAshmir in confidence so that they stop demanding FREEDOM & feel like they are living in a their own country==how can we remove the widespread alienation from the minds of KAshmiri people==
How can we again convert Kashmir from BURNING PARADISE to A PARADISE WORTH WATCHING==

[ To Be Cont.

Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(Bhupinder Sudan, 2010-08-09 15:24)

Excellent Analysis.The questions you raised are the actual ones to reflect upon, especially the 1st & 5th one.
Will secession lead to better life for average Kashmiri ?
Can Kashmir survive independently if granted secession?
The clear ans to both these appears to be "no".I think that if Jinnah were alive today he would've repented the decision for an independent Pakistan, considering the state of degeneration it has reached & the dark future it seems headed for, no economic growth or a peaceful life for its citizens.The height of irony is that the Islamic extremists themselves are bent upon destroying the Islamic country, causing frequent blasts even in mosques! What kind of suicidal philosophy is this !

Even the answers you've given are so appropriate, including possible fate of kashmir if granted separation. The region is so small, economically minuscule, & caught between two hostile nations.Definitely it has every possibility of turning into a breeding ground for terrorists, a mini afghanistan.No, we(India) cannot let this happen.This will be suicidal for kashmir & harmful for India.
It has to either opt for Pak or for India.And out of the two the prospects of latter of course seem more brighter & progressive.
As for the people of Jammu I can assure you they are not party to secession.They are happy & content being part of India.
The best solution for all seems that the Indian govt should focus on bringing confidence in kashmiri people & providing them a safe, peaceful & respectable life, which they are looking for.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(Sebu, 2010-08-09 16:52)

An excellent analysis of the situation by the bloggers.
The reason why the people are on the streets is that " Justice has never ben delivered to the people". This obviously tends to create a sense of alienation from the state. This is what has been happenning in the state .We have incidents like Kunanpunposhpora, Zakura massacre, Shopian case. Had the govt. done something practical on ground unlike the so-called non-defunct commissions that had been set up which end up adding salt to the wounds. Had the guilty been punished it would have reposed the faith of masses in the state but the case has always been the other way round.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-09 19:43)

The only solution seems feasible is to take the people into confidence which is missing. Today a Kashmiri finds himself more closer to a Seperatist leader rather than a main line politician. They are following the calendar issued by Mr Geelani rather than the union calendar or state calendar. Clearly there is something terribly wrong & it is absolutely wrong to blame Kashmiri people for that. Strikes in the past used to be due to the calls given by militant groups or separatist leaders but this time there is participation of the masses. There is clear lack of communication between our main line politicians and the public. People should be made aware that what government is doing to improve their lives & should communicate the results in front of the public. Government should launch an all out propaganda against the vested interests responsible for present situation in the valley. Similar situation was in Punjab also in 1980s but today we cant say that the Sikhs living in Punjab are terrorists. They are as nationalist as any Bengali, Gujarati or Marathi. Similar is the situation with KAshmiris, as I have already said, MOST PEOPLE IN KASHMIRIS NOT ASKING FOR AZAADI FROM INDIAN GOVT. BUT FROM WIDESPREAD CHAOS, MAHEM & DAILY KILLINGS, however some vested interests have made it coterminous with the freedom struggle. The problem with our leaders is that they are reactive rather than being proactive, which is the need of the hour.
Our bureaucracy is equally responsible. The problems like widespread corruption & nepotism also dilute the confidence of the people in the government. The several measures like State accountability commission & J&K RTI act exists only on papers. Even our vigilance agency is also there to apprehend Junior Engineers, Patwaris & Junior Assistants red handed while accepting bribe.
The third thing is the to improve the criminal Justice system to bring the perpetrators of Human Right abuse whether FAKE ENCOUNTERS, KIDNAPPINGS, RAPE ACCUSED to justice & provide speedy justice.
Fourthly, the AFSPA should be amended. Clearly the GoI is not in a position to remove the AFSPA, since the situation in Kashmir is still volatile with cross border terrorist activities still continued. In such a situation security forces can’t go to SDM to seek warrant orders for searching a house or firing, if the militants are firing from the other end. However it can be amended to a position where nobody will be able to take undue advantage of the law& if it happens, bringing the person responsible to justice.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-09 19:44)

Fifthly, the political parties in J&K should build a consensus to solve the political situation in Kashmir. If a party is going to behave as separatist when not in power 7starts instigating people for petty selfish gains, it is not going to serve the purpose. PDP remained in power for 3yrs but never demanded revocation of AFSPA but when they are in opposition, the first thing they want is revocation of AFSPA. Even when AFSPA was enacted & army sent to Kashmir, Mr Mufti Sayeed was the union home minister. Rather tan attending the joint party meet to solve the stalemate, they choosed to go to the SECRETRIATE & lock its gates, now it is not even attending the all party meet called by the PM. Similarly BJP & JKNPP have their own agenda.
Sixthly, the situation in Kashmir is always on the boil because there is some vested interests & support present for creating mayhem for petty selfish gains. & Mr Geelani & other Hurriyat leaders are party to that. If the Kshmir problem is solved, who is going to come on streets on their call i.e. they will lose their elite status & believe u me, most of them can’t even compete with main line politicians. It is the people of Kashmir who have to rise to defeat these selfish interests & present a better future to their next generations.
Seventhly, whenever we discuss Kashmir & its people of Kashmir, we forgets one community i.e. the Kashmiri Pundits, who were driven out of their houses & are living the lives even worse than the people of Kashmir, as refugees in their own mother land. I fully understand that 1990s was a phase when emotions rose high & people of Kashmir seemed to be fighting for AZAADI but the situation is not the same anymore. People of Kashmir have to work to make their lives better & creating conditions for safe return of Kashmiri pundits.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-09 19:45)

LATLY I JUST WANT TO SAY TO MY FRIENDS IN KASHMIR Recently I saw a person holding a placard, I AM A KASHMIRI & I AM NOT A TERRORIST, People of Kashmir are certainly not terrorists & u don’t have to raise placards for that. Similar problems were in Punjab also but there is no need for them to raise placards that I AM A PUNJABI & I AM NOT A TERRORIST.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Burning Paradise

(A, 2010-08-09 19:48)

Friends by this essay i have made an effort to describe the lives of Kashmiris te problems faced by them & possible solution. I m from JAmmu & i dont know how much right i m while writing this essay but i would surely like the peopole from KAshmir to respond to this essay

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