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CSE (Mains) 1999





Time: Three Hours                                           Maximum Marks: 300



1.         Analyse the forms of Drain after 1857 (about 250 words)      35


Did the events during 1945-47 make partition inevitable? (About 250 words)                                                            35

2.         Answer any two of the following (about 150 words each)                                                                                          30

a.         The Revolt of 1857 was but a Sepoy Mutiny. Comment.

b.         What where the provisions of the Lucknow Pact? Examine its significance

c.         What did the Ghadar party think of British rule? What was its contribution to the freedom struggle in India.?

3.         Answer any three of the following (about 75 words each)                                                                                          30

            a.         What were Gandhi’s views on the State?

b.         Analyse the significance of Gandhi’s pre-1919 Satyagrah as in India.

c.         What was the social legislation in the second half of the 19th century? Assess the contribution of the men behind it.

d.         Was the Indian National Congress a ‘safety valve’ for the continuance of the British rule?

4.        (a)         What do you know of the following (About 20 words

                        on each)                                                           30

            (i)         Simon Commission.

            (ii)        Atmiya Sabha

(iii)             Indian National Army

(iv)             Vikom Satyagraha

(v)               Swaraj Party.

(b)        Why have the following become famous?

(i)     William Wedderbunr

(ii)   Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(iii) Madan lal Dhingra.

(iv) Joytiba Phule.

(v)   Annie Besant.

(c)        Write about the chief features of the following

(i)     Bharatanatyam.

(ii)   Jaunpur style of architecture.

(iii) Gupta art

(iv) Chola architecture.

(v)   Mughal Paintings


5.         The visit of President Bill Clinton has opened a new chapter in Indo U.S relations. Analyse (About 250 words)                        OR

            What has been the progress of the West Asian Peace since the Sharm-el-Shaik agreement? (About 250 words)                        35

6.         Attempt any three of the following (About 100 words each)                                                                                       30

(a)        Evaluate the benefits that the launch of INSAT 3BV seeks to bring.

            (b)        Recently the Lok Sabha passed bills regarding the creation of new States. What did they pertain to? What was the criticism or opposition to them?

            (c)        What are the features of the Sri Lanka Constitutional Bill for the North and East? Why was the vote on it put off?

            (d)        What was the outcome of the recent North- South Korean Summit? Where was it held?

            (e)        Who represented India at the Tenth G-15 summit? What was the Summit’s outcome? Where was it held?

7.         Attempt any five of the following (About 50 words each)                                                                  30

            (a)        Which militant group recently declared a unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir? Why was it withdrawn?

            (b)        Name the issues before the Constitutional Review Commission.

            (c)        What are betting and match-fixing? Why were they in the news recently?

            (d)        When and what for, was the Indian Council of Historical Research set up? Why was it in the news recently?

            (e)        What was the Atlantique Case before the International Court of Justice? What were the stances of the contending parties? What was the decision of the court?

            (f)        What is START-II? What are the apprehensions expressed over disarmament in spite of Russia ratifying the treaty?

            (g)        Who is the new President of Taiwan? What are his credentials? Why has his election caused unease for Taiwan’s cross-strait neighbour?

8.         (a)        Name the following                                         30

            (i)         Winner of the Women’s singles Title at Wimbledon, 2000

            (ii)        Man of the match in final in the Under-19 World Cup Cricket.

            (iii)       Author of “Beyond the Silence”

            (iv)       Director Uttara.

            (v)        Creator of Peanuts.

            (b)        What do you know of the following (About 20 Words each)

            (vi)       Param Vir Chakra.

            (vii)      Irian Jaya

(viii)         Sujata

(ix)             Kalapani

(x)               Brettonwoods Institutions

            (c)        Who are the following and why were they in the news            recently? (About 20 words each)

            (xi)       S. Vijayalakshmi

            (xii)      Aruna Roy

(xiii)         Moshe Katzav.

(xiv)         Tathagat Avtar Tulsi.

(xv)           Joerg Haider.


9.         A bank disbursed loans on mortgage to three sectors. In the first year, it disbursed loans worth Rs.45.19 lakhs to agriculture. Rs.100 lakhs to industry and Rs.250 lakhs toa the service sector. In the second year, loans to agriculture fell by Rs.16.19 lakhs, while those to industry rose by 25% over the previous year. The loans to service sector rose by Rs.50 lakhs. The third year saw a 5% increase in loans to service sector in comparison with the previous year, while disbursements to the other two sectors remained the same as in the second year. In the fourth year, agricultural loans rose by 43 lakhs, and industry and service sectors both registered a 20% increase each in comparison with the previous year.              

            (a)        Tabulate the above data.                                              10

            (b)        What is the percentage of share of agriculture to the total amount of loans disbursed.                                     2

10.       (a)        In a class of 60 students, the average marks secured in an examination was 55, with 50 being the pass mark. The average of the passed candidates was 65, while that of the failed candidates was 35. Find out the percentage of the failed candidates.                       7

            (b)        It is known statistically that in June in one place, there are 2/3rds rainy days. It did not rain until June 10th; so an analyst predicted that all the remaining days in June would not be rainy days. Is he right? Why?   5

11.       (a)       Point out the mistakes or ambiguities in the following             statements and give the correct answers.

(i)         The average cost of production of a commodity in a factory was Rs. 10 in the year 1999. It rose to Rs.11 in the year 2000. Therefore the factory has become inefficient.                                                           3

(ii)        Marut went from place ‘A’ to place ‘B’ at a speed of 40km per hour and returned with a speed of 60km per hour. So his average speed is 50km                       3

            (b)        The average weight of 10 persons was 44kg. later on, it was   discovered that the weight of two persons was wrongly recorded as 40kg and 60kg instead of 38kg and 70kg respectively. What is the change in the average after making          the correction.              6

12.       (a)        The medical report on an eye surgery camp on cataract mentioned that 75% of the residents, having cataract and     living in a village ‘A’ underwent the operation and the success           rate of the operation was 70%. So the rate of failure was 5%.      Is the report correct? Substantiate your answer.                                    3

            (b)        The income and expenditure of a business enterprise for a year are given below. Represent the data by a pie diagram. Total        income (in lakhs) Rs. 2425.



                                                            Expenditure (in Lakhs)

                        Interest paid                             Rs.1,106

                        Salaries                                     Rs.   507

                        Rent                                         Rs.   129

                        Other expenses                                    Rs.   383

                        Profit                                       Rs.   300

                        Total                                        Rs.2,425

            (c)        State the most appropriate diagram to represent each of the    following data                                      4

             (i)         The number of deaths in a hospital in each of the last 100 days.

(ii)        The number of B. Ed., and Secondary Grade teachers employed by 3 different States.

(iii)             Annual plan outlay for different economic sectors.

(iv)             Number of tourists visiting two countries for the past five years.



Time: Three Hours                                           Maximum Marks : 300



1.       (a)          What are the functions of the Finance Commission? Who is   the Chairman of the XI Finance Commission? Name some       important recommendations made by the XI Finance Commission. (About 250 words)                                                                  40


(b)        What are the Fundamental Duties? By which Constitutional    Amendment were they introduced? What is their position vis-à-vis Fundamental Rights? (About 250 Words)                             40

2.        (a)         Explain Budgetary deficit, Revenue deficit and Fiscal deficit.             What are the measures proposed by the Union Finance Minister in the budget for 2000-2001 to control fiscal deficit?             (About 250 words) 40


(b)        What are the features of Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana? What programmes does it replace? (About 250 words)                                          40

3.         (a)        India should not miss the Information Revolution”. Discuss India’s strengths and problems in catching up with Information Revolution (About 250 words)                                                                40

(b)        What is Bio-technology? In how many fields can it be applied? Mention some important research centres in India which cater to its application.(About 250 words)                                                                    40


4.         Answer any two of the following.                               40

            (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words)

(a)                Highlight the powers and functions of the Election Commission of India.

(b)               In which areas does the Rajya Sabha enjoy more powers than the Lok Sabha

(c)                What does Article 72 of the Indian Constitution provide for?

(d)               The CAG is the guardian of the public purse. Comment.

5.         Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words).                                      40

            (a)        What are the various credit control measures of the    Reserve Bank of India?

            (b)        What are the salient features of the Kisan Credit Card             Scheme?

            (c)        When did the National Housing Bank begin its operations? What functions does it perform?

            (d)        Highlight the salient features of the EXIM Policy 2000-2001.

6.         Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words.                                       30

            (a)        How can water be conserved? Explain with special reference to water-harvesting.

            (b)        In how many ways does the OCEANSAT-1 enrich our knowledge of the ocean?

            (c)        How are rivers in India classified? What is their nature?

            (d)        What is Aquaculture? Enumerate the various types and uses of aquaculture.

7.         Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words)                                       40

            (a)        What is Cryogenics? Elucidate its applications.

            (b)        What is LASER? In how many fields can it be applied?

            (c)        What is Dementia? How can it be diagnosed?

            (d)        Discuss the aims and achievements of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research


8.         Answer four questions from Group-A, three from Group-B and three from Group-C (Answer to each question should be in about 25 words)                                                              30


(a)                How has India responded to the proposals that     environment and labour standards be made a part of WTO?

(b)               What is the Rajdhani Channel in regard to Postal Communication?

(c)                What is Body shopping?

(d)               What are the areas covered by the Desert Development Programme? What is its thrust?

(e)                What is Seasonal Unemployment? How is it different from frictional unemployment?

(f)                What is meant by Venture Capital?


(a)                Name the All-India Services and differentiate them from central Services.

(b)               What is a Call Attention Motion? What is the procedure to be followed in this regard?

(c)                What is the significance of Article 352 of the Indian Constitution? When was it used?

(d)               Which state in India does not have the Panchayat Raj system now? Which proposed legislation would re-introduce its?

(e)                What is the procedure by which a Legislative Council can be created or abolished?

(f)                What is the Annual Financial Bill?


(a)                What is Sankhya Vahini? What are the shares of its shareholders?

(b)               What is multi-drug resistant TB

(c)                What are the health hazards caused by tobacco?

(d)               Expand the following

(i)                 TIFAC

(ii)               IDD

(iii)             VECC.

(e)                Where are the following located:

(i)                 Centre for Compositional Characterization of Materials.

(ii)               National Institute of Naturopathy.

(iii)             National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped.

(f)                What is Smart Quill? What are its features? What is the technique used to note movements in air?



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