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Mains) 2005





Time: Three Hours                                                       Maximum Marks : 300



1.         Evaluate the situation leading to the Non-cooperation Movement of 1920-21 and consequences thereof. (About 250 words)                                          OR

            Explain the important resolution of Lahore Congress and features of Poorna Swaraj (about 250 words).                   40

2.         Answer any two of the following (About 150 words each)

            (a)        Discuss in brief the emergency of Indian National      Congress.

            (b)        Describe the background of Surat Split of 1907

            (c)        Narrate the resolutions passed at Tripura Session of the Indian National Congress.

            (d)        Explain the importance of Nehru Report.        40

3.         Answer any three of the following (About 75 words each)

            (a)        Second Round Table Conference

            (b)        Cripps Mission

            (c)        Rajaji’s formula and Wavell Plan

            (d)        Indian National Army                                      30

4.         (a)        What do you know about the following (about 20 words).

                        (i) Lucknow Pact 1916

                        (ii) Rowlatt Act

                        (iii) Bardoli Stayagraha

                        (iv) The August Offer 1940

                        (v) The Khilafat Movement                 15

            (b)        Why have the following become famous?

(i)     Mahadev Govind Ranade,

(ii)   Vasudev Balwant Phadke,

(iii) Ashwini Kumar Datta,

(iv) Shri Pherozshah Mehta.                

(v)   C.R. Das                                        15

(c)        Describe briefly the chief features of the following.

(i)     Ajanta Paintings,

(ii)   Pashmina

(iii) Sanchi Stupa,

(iv) Kathakali Dance

(v)   Raga Darbari                                  15


5.         Write a critical note on Geneva Frame Work, 2004 and state its main features (about 250 words)


            Explain the consequences of terrorist attack in Beslan School and comment on Russian policy on International Terrorism (about 250 words)                                                                                                   40

6.         Attempt any three of the following (about 100 words)

            (a)        Give an account of the development of Non-Alignment Movement

            (b)        Discuss the impact of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the context of Test Ban Treaty.

            (c)        What is Sethu Samudram Project? State the Proposed benefits of it.

            (d)        State the significance of G-8 Summit, 2004 at Sea-Island.

            (e)        Which are the notable features of New Telecom Policy,         1999?                                                  30

7.         Attempt any five of the following (about 50 words)

            (a)        State the date and place of EDUSAT placed in orbit. What are the advantages from it.

            (b)        Write about the new. Head of State in Iran after recent elections. Which political party came in power? Discuss about Indo-Iran relations.

            (c)        Describe the recent achievements of Anju Bobby George in athletics.

            (d)        What is Indian Council of Agriculture Research? State its functions.

            (e)        What is the difference between Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit?

            (f)        What do you know about Water-gate’? Why was it in the world news?

            (g)        State the functions of Asian Development Bank. Where from it operates.                                          40

8.         (a)        Name the following.

                                                              i.      Winner of the Noble Prize for Physics 2005.

                                                            ii.      First recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award.

                                                          iii.      `The Guru of Odissy dance.

                                                          iv.      Author of “Nice Guys Finish Second”

                                                            v.      Chairman AIR-INDIA.                                    20

            (b)        What do you know about the following (about 20 words)

(i)     World Trade organization

(ii)   10 Downing Street

(iii) Interpol

(iv) SAARC

(v)   Indira Aawas Yojna.                                  15

(c)        Who are the following and why they were in the news recently?

(i)     Sharmila Togore,

(ii)   People John Paul II,

(iii) Nicholas Burns,

(iv) Narayan Swami,

(v)   Hameed Karzai.                                                           10



Time: Three Hours                                                       Maximum Marks: 300


1.         Examine the impact of 73rd Constitutional amendment on rural development in India (about 250 words).


            Examine the reasons and significance of increasing the number of subjects in concurrent list. Is it a good sign of developing relation between Union                                                     35

2.         What is extra Constitutional authority? How it affects administrative ecology? Explain (about 250 words)


            Evaluate the political dilemma and uncertainty situation and suggest how the opposition would be more powerful with regard to debates and how treasury benches would be more responsive towards the people.                                       35

3.         Discuss the role of ideology of Indian Politics. Which are the most sensitive consequences being experience by the Indian society today? (about 250 words)


            “Coalitional governments can not meet the development promises effectively”. Comment                            35

4.         Answer any two of the following (about 150 words each)                                                                              30

            (a)        State how the Electoral Reforms can be effectively     administered?

(b)        How criminalization can be separated from Indian Politics? Comment.

            (c)        What do you know about ‘Lokpal’? State the functions and authority of this Institution.

            (d)        State the reasons behind increasing terrorism. How it can be curbed?


5.         Answer any two of the following (Answer about 150 words)                                                              40

            (a)        Do you think that public sector units have become liability to Indian economy? Give reasons in support of your answer.

            (b)        Give your opinion on “Job reservation in Private Sector”.

            (c)        What is Cash Reserve Ratio? How does it affect the credit policy of Commercial Banks?

            (d)        Which are the factors responsible for failure of Cottage and Small Scale Industries?

6.         Answer any two of the following (Answer about 150 words)                                                              30

            (a)        How does the Comptroller and Auditor General controls public accounts?

            (b)        “Indian Education Planning could not meet the expectations of modern education” Comment.

            (c)        What is Community Development programme? How it helps the poor classes?

            (d)        sugar Jobby is a political power center’. Find out the areas and reasons thereof.

7.         Answer any two of the following (About 150 words) 40

            (a)        Write about India’s Geo-climatic Zones and variation thereof.

            (b)        Discuss the importance and need of water literacy’ and ‘water management’ in India.

            (c)        “Forests plays a pivotal role in environmental protection.” Discuss.

            (d)        What do you know about pollution? State the factors responsible for water pollution.


8.         Answer any two of the following (Answer about 70 words each)                                                                   20

            (a)        What is ecology? How should it be maintained?

            (b)        What is ‘green house effect’? How does it affect the ozone layer?

            (c)        What is Sericulture? How does it help economy?

            (d)        State the objects and functions of ISRO.

9.         Answer any three of the following (Answer about 30 words each)                                                                 15

            (a)        What is weather modification? State its long term effects.

            (b)        What is GIS? State its uses in Geographical studies.

            (c)        What do you know regarding bio-diversity? State its relevance today

            (d)        Write in brief about nuclear waste.

10.       Answer any two of the following (Answer in about 70 words each)                                                               20

            (a)        What is optical fibre? State its use in modern science.

            (b)        What is noise pollution?

            (c)        Describe ‘Dakshim Gangotri’. What is Indian contribution in this mission?

            (d)        What is E-learning? Write about the advantages of this system.



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