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CSE (Mains) 2005 (Special)




Time: Three Hours                               Maximum Marks : 300



1.         Assess impact of Gandhiji’s policy of non-violence and non-cooperation in Indian politics. (About 250 words)                                                OR                                          

                        Critically examine the Montague- Chemlsford reforms of 1919          (About 250 words)                                                      30

            2.         Answer any two of the following (about 150 words each)                                                                              2x15= 30

(a)        Describe the evolution of Indian Nationalism during the late 19th century.

            (b)        Explain the government of India act of 1935

            (c)        Describe the role of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the            achievement of India’s independence.

(d)        “The reforms of 1909 introduced a cardinal problem and the             ground for controversy at every requisition of the Indian electoral system”. Examine.

            3.         Answer any three of the following (about 75 words each)                                                                              3x10=30

(a)        Describe the problems in the integration of the princely states into the Indian Union.

(b)        Discuss the role of the extremists and their programme in the Indian National movement.

(c)        Describe the role of Subhash Chandra Bose in the Indian Struggle for Freedom.

(d)        Give an account of the three phases of Indian National Congress during the freedom movement.

            4.         (a)        What do you know about the following               5x3=15

                        (i)         Quit India movement.

                        (ii)        Swarajya Party

(iii)             Indian National Army

(iv)             States Reorganisation Commission.

(v)               Purna Swaraj.

(b)         Why have the following become famous?                                                                 5x3=15

                                    (i)         Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

                                    (ii)        Sheikh Abdullah

(iii)             Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru

(iv)             Rabindranath Tagore.

(v)               Swamy Vivekanand

            (c)        Describe briefly the chief features of the following                                                                5x3=15

                                    (i)         Sarnath Pillar

                                    (ii)        Prasar Bharati

(iii)             Press Council of India,

(iv)             Nishat Bagh,

(v)               Amartya Sen.


5.                  Describe the changes that have taken place in the direction of International Trade of India since independence (250 words)


            Analyse the co nsequences of US attack on Afghanistan to eradicate terrosim (250 words)                                        25

6.         Attempt any three of the following (about 100 words each)                                                                3x5=15

            (a)        What is meant by collective security? Discuss

            (b)        What are the specialized agencies in international relations? Discuss

            (c)        What are the agencies which promote international     cooperation? Examine

            (d)        Explain the relevance of UNO in the present times.

(e)        Is non alignment relevant in the present situation? Discuss.

7.         Attempt any five of the following (about 50 words each)                                                                               5x8=40

            (a)        Write a critical note on SAARC

            (b)        What is the role of the University Grants commission             (UGC) and how it controls the University system in         India?

(b)               How can new All Indian Services be created under the Constitution of India?

(c)                What is Mandamus? Examine.

(d)               What is advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India?

(e)                How has the Kashmir question effected Indo- Pak relations during the recent earth quake situation?

(f)                Who is the new head of the state of Sri Lanka and which political party got the majority?

            8.         (a)        Give the full form of the following         5x2=10

            (i)         INSAT 2 E

            (ii)        LPG

(iii)             Ordinance

(iv)             Tale of Comet

(v)               White house of US

(b)        What do you know about the following (about 20 words        each)                                        5x3=15

(i)         PM’s Gramin Yojna

(ii)        Hindustan Ship Yard

(iii)             Public Accounts Committee

(iv)             Civil Aviation Training College.

(v)               Indo US Civil Nuclear Agreement.

            (c)        What are the following and why were they in the news           recently                                                           5x2=10

(i)         Natwar Singh

(ii)        Murasoli Maran

(iii)             Saurav Ganguly

(iv)             hhrfSania Mirza

(v)               Monika Bedi


            9.         Choosing appropriate class intervals form a frequency table for         the following data.

                        10.2     0.5       5.2       6.1       3.1       6.7       8.9       7.2       8.9       5.4       3.6       9.2       6.1       7.3       2.0            1.3       6.4       8.0       4.3       4.7       12.4     8.6       13.1     3.2       `9.5      7.6       4.0       5.1       8.1       1.1            11.5     3.1       6.8       7.0       8.2       2.0       3.1       6.5       11.2     12.0     5.1       10.9     11.2     8.5       2.3            3.4       5.2       10.7     4.9       6.2

                        Also construct a bar diagram for the above data.                     10

            10.       From the following data, calculate the percentage of workers             getting wages.                                                              10

            (a)        More than Rs.44

            (b)        Between Rs.22 and Rs.58

            (c)        Calculate the arithmetic mean


                        Wages (Rs)                              No. of workers

0-10                                                     20

10-20                                                                                                   45

20-30                                                                                                   85

30-40                                                                                                   160

40-50                                                                                                   70

50-60                                                                                                   55

60-70                                                                                                   35

70-80                                                                                                   30

11.       (a)        A train runs 25 miles at a speed of 30 m.p.h another 50 miles at a speed of 40 m.p.h, then due to repairs of the track travels for 6 minutes at a speed of 10 m.p.h and finally covers the remaining distance of 24 miles at a speed of 24 m.p.h. What is the average speed in m.p.h?

(b)        From the data recorded below construct a chart showing the shift in the distributions of population in a country between urban and rural areas. Make brief comments on the chart:


Population ( in millions)

























12.       (a)        The average sum scored by four players in the one day cricket           match was 50. If the number of runs scored by three players were 60,40 nd 48, find out the runs scored by the fourth player.                                   5

(b)        From the following PIE diagram answer the given questions                                       3x5=15

Tea 3620 Tonnes

Coca 1860 Tonnes

Coffee 900 Tonnes











            (i)         Obtain the sector angle of Tea?

            (ii)        Obtain the sector angle of Cocoa?

(iii)             Obtain the sector angle of Coffee?



            PAPER : II    

Time: Three Hours                               Maximum Marks : 300



1.         (a)        Discuss the nature of party system in India and assess its impact on the  working of parliamentary democracy in India (250 Words)                                             35


(b)        Elucidate the Socio-economic and philosophical foundations of the Constitution of India.                35

2.         (a)        Discuss to what extent the Mandal Commission recommendations on other  backward classes (OBC’s) reservation had influenced the courses of events in Indian     politics during the last one and half decade.                                                                        35


(b)        “The issue of Hung Parliament adversely affects the stability of Indian government.”- In the light of this statement and how do you feel that Presidential form of Government is suitable to India? (250 Words)            35

3.         (a)        Why does the Constitution of India provide different forms of oath for the President, the ministers, the legislators and members of the Judiciary? Discuss. (250 words)                                                         35


(b)        Describe the methods of delimiting constituencies for             Parliamentary elections in India . (250 words) 35

4.         Answer any two of the following. Answer to each question should be in about 150 words.                               15+15=30

(a)        Discuss the Constitutional provisions relating to the non-justiciable directive principles upon the states.

(b)        Discuss the politics of Reservation for women in Indian Parliament.

(c)        Examine the nature and list of fundamental rights enshrined in Indian constitution.

(d)        Discuss the factors that lead to the demand for more small states in India.


5.         Answer any two of the following. Answer to each question should be in about 150 words.                        20+20=40

(a)        What is the relevance of the phenomenon of “Stagflation” to the Indian Economy?

(b)        Evaluate the impact of economic reforms on India’s exports and foreign investments.

(c)        Distinguish between Economic growth and development.

(d)        How does price rise affect the poor people?

6.         Answer any two of the following answer to each question should be in about 150 words.                        15+15=30

(a)        Distinguish between “breach of parliamentary privileges” and “Contempt of the House”

(b)        Infrastructure bottlenecks continue to stifle the economic growth in India – Comment.

(c)        What are the main reasons for Industrial sickness in India?

(d)        What has been the role of NRI’s in the economic development of India?

7.         Answer any two of the following. Answer to each question should be in about 150 words.                         20+20=40

(a)        Give an account of the characteristics of Black Soil in India.

            (b)        Discuss about Indian council of Forestry Research and           Education.

(c)        Analyse the reasons for increasing Public Debt in India.

            (d)        Give reasons for decline of sex ration in India.




8.         Answer any two of the following. Answer to each question should be in about 70 words.                             2x10=20

(a)        What is EL Nino? How does it affect the Indian Monsoon?

            (b)        “Sea water boils at high temperature than fresh water.”           Discuss.

(c)        “Comets are not members of our solar- system’.-Comment.

            (d)        Why are CFCs harmful to environment? Examine.

9.         Answer any three of the following. Answer to each question should be in about 30 words.                                3x5= 45

            (a)        Write a note on Radiation and its effects.

            (b)        What is remote sensing? Where is it used?

            (c)        What is genetic engineering? What is its importance today?

            (d)        Examine the development of super-computers in India.

            (e)        In what way the development of cryogenic Engine will           benefit India?

10.       Answer any two of the following answer to each question should in about 70 words                                     20

(a)        What are optical fibers? Critically examine their advantages.

(b)        Why are websites getting popular? What are your views?

            (c)        Differentiate between a cyclone and an anticyclone.

            (d)        Comment on the hydro-power potential in the state of            Jammu and Kashmir.



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