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Time: 3 Hours}                                                                        {Maximum Marks: 300


(i)            Answers must be written in English.

(ii)           Candidates should attempt Q. No. 1 from Section 1 and 6 or 11 from Section II which are compulsory and any four out of the remaining questions, selecting at least two questions from each section.

(iii)          The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question.

(iv)           Parts of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answer to other question.

Section I


Answer any three questions including Q. No. 1 which is compulsory.


1.             Write short notes on any two of the following (each answer should not exceed 200 words):


(a)           Group and association.                                                           25

(b)           Lineage and Clan.                                                                   25

(c)            Totemism and taboo.                                                             25

(d)           Dating Methods.                                                                     25


2.             Discuss the distinguishing features o unilineal, bilineal and bilateral kin group with suitable examples.                                                                          50

3.             Examine the nature of political organization in tribal societies in India.    50

4.             Delineate the meaning and scope of economic anthropology and discuss the principles that govern production, distribution and consumption in hunting and gathering communities.                                                                     50

5.             Explain the origin and development of field work traditions in anthropology.    50


Section II (A)


Answer any three questions including Q. No. which is compulsory.


6.             Write short notes on any two of the following in about 200 words each:


(a)           Micro-evolution.                                                                     25

(b)           Primates.                                                                                                25

(c)            Malnutrition.                                                                           25

(d)           Gene therapy.                                                                         25


7.             How Darwinism differs from the Synthetic theory of organic evolution?    50

8.             Discuss the concept of Mendelian population and its application in the study of anthrop-genetic variations in India.                                                      50

9.             Give an account of the taxonomic status and anatomical features of fossil findings included under australopithecines.                                                50

10.           Define Race. Examine critically the bases of racial classification in the light of modern developments.                                                                           50


Section II (B)          


Answer any three questions including Q. No. 11 which is compulsory.


11.           Write short notes on any two of the following in about 200 words each:


(a)           New Ethnography.                                                                  25

(b)           Techniques and methods in anthropology.                            25

(c)            Neo-evolutionism.                                                                  25

(d)           Historical ethnology.                                                              25


12.           Define basic personality and discuss the different methods employed in the study of its structure.                                                                                 50

13.           What do you understand by ‘norms’ and’ values?’ Write briefly on cultural relativism and the issue of universal vales.                                                                 50

14.           Critically examine the unity of method in natural and social sciences.                    50

15.           Enumerate in detail the contributions of Radcliffe-Brown and Nadel to social structural studies.                                                                                    50


Paper II

Section A


1.             Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each:


(a)           Neolithic culture.                                                                    20

(b)           Racial distribution of Indian population.                                20

(c)            Sacred complex.                                                                     20

(d)           Hindu joint family                                                                   20


2.             Explain the anthropological contributions in the study of tribal and peasant societies of India.                                                                                         60

3.             What is Modernization? Discuss the process of modernization of Indian great tradition.60

4.             Discuss the major issues of national integration in India with special reference to North-East region.


Section B


5.             Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each:


(a)           The Problem of Culture Contact.                                            20

(b)           Universalization  and  Parochialization.

(c)            Forests and                                                                             20

(d)           Indian Social System.                                                             20


6.             Elucidate the social disabilities and socio-economic problems of scheduled castes in India.                                                                                             60

7.             Illustrate with suitable examples the response of the tribal people to the government measures. Discuss the role of anthropology in tribal development.           60

8.             How far the constitutional safeguards are helping the scheduled castes to elevate their socio economic status? Discuss.                                             60



Section I


Answer any three questions including Q. No. 1 which is compulsory.


1.             Write short notes on any two of the following (each answer should not exceed 200


(a)           Main branches of Anthropology;                                            25

(b)           Community and society;                                                         25

(c)            Significance of field-work in Anthropology;                           25

(d)           Tribe and Caste.                                                                      25


2.             How ’family’ is the ‘Corner Stone’ of human society? What major changes have taken place in it during recent times? Explain                                    50

3.             What is Kinship Terminology? Discuss its relevance for studying simpler, societies.     50


4.             Distinguish between state and stateless political systems with special reference to law and justice in simpler societies.                                                             50

5.             Discuss the significanc3 of Religion in tribal communities of India.    50


Section II (A)


Answer any three questions including Q. No. which is compulsory.


6.             Write short notes on any two of the following in about 200 words each:


(a)           New Physical Anthropology;                                                   25

(b)           Lamarckism and Darwinism;                                                  25

(c)            Gene Theory;                                                                          25

(d)           Racial Types in India.                                                              25


7.             Is inbreeding different form consanguinity? Give an account of inbreeding studies in India comment on their social relevance.                                    50

8.             Examine critically the basis of racial classification in the light of modern development in Physical Anthropology.                                                          50

9.             Why is Man a Primate? Describe the place of Man in the animal kingdom.   50

10            What are the different ‘fossil primates’ of the Paleocene and Ecocene periods? Examine critically the contribution of these primates of human origin.      50



Section II (B)


Note:-      Answer any three questions including question 11 which is compulsory.


11.           Write short notes on any two of the following in about 200 words on each:


(a)           Cultural Relativism;                                                                                25

(b)           Methods and Methodology;                                                   25

(c)            Diffusionism and Evolutionism;                                             25

(d)           Structuralism.                                                                         25


12.           Discuss the relevance of Psychology for Anthropological enquiry with special reference to the recent trends in Psychological Anthropology.                                50


13            What is New Ethnography? How is it different form Conventional Ethnography? Explain.    


14.           Distinguish between Scientific and Humanistic Anthropology Is unity of method between Natural and Social Sciences possible? Explain.                   50

15.           Distinguish between Cause and Function. Examine critical Theory.     50



Section A


1.             Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words on each:


(a)           Contribution of Indus Civilization to Indian Cultural Tradition; 20

(b)           Linguistic distribution of Indian Population;                          20

(c)            Purusharthic perspective of Indian Culture;                           20

(d)           Tribal Administration in India.                                               20


2.             Examine critically the concepts of Universalization and parochialization. Do you think these are suitable tools to study the dynamics of Indian Culture?  60

3.             Discuss briefly the contribution of Anthropology in understanding villages life of India.60               

4.             What is Caste? Do you think under the pressures of modernity caste system will disappear from India? Discuss.                                           60


Section B


5.             Write short notes at any three of the following in about 200 words on each:


(a)           Detribalization                                                                        20

(b)           Nature-Man-Spirit complex;                                                  20

(c)            Mega irrigation projects and displacement of the tribal population;   20

(d)           Dominant Caste.                                                                     20


6.             What are different approaches to Tribal Development? How far can Education help the process of Tribal Development? Explain.                                60           

7.             Distinguish between Primitive and Scheduled Tribes What constitutional provisions have been made to safeguard the interests of the tribal’s in India? Explain      60

8.             What are the basic issues concerning National Integration with regard to tribal’s in India? Discuss with special reference to the ethnic politics in Bihar and North-East region.   60




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