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About KSC

Kashmir Study Circle (KSC), an interest group of many patriots,  after giving an anxious thought for a long time to the problems facing the educated youth of the State in general and the valley in particular, particularly the deprivation they face in the administration, both at the national and state level, has started coaching and guidance to the candidates at all three stages of the Indian Civil Services/State Civil Services examination (popularly known as IAS/KAS respectively)  viz., Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Personality Test (Interview). The Study Circle has decided to charge a nominal fee from the candidates for the infrastructures, lectures, study material, counseling and guidance and for administrative expenses. However, genuine poor and needy, after proper scrutiny, can be proportionately exempted from the payment of fee towards the Circle. Besides, the Study Circle may also undertake other coaching activities for raising the funds to run its flagship coaching program for KAS, to expand its infrastructure and to engage the best of faculty around.


The Teaching Team 

KSC has decided to pool in the expertise of more than two dozen outstanding teachers/administrators, each one being a distinguished and famed expert of an area. Their classes will not only make the subject simple for you but also keep you many steps ahead of all your competitors. More than anything else, the team has itself gone through these tedious examinations and successfully qualified the same.


The Teaching Style/Notes


Our core thrust is on giving you a crystal clear grasp over the fundamentals with ample use of teaching aid and modern teaching tools like animated films and visual projections. Our coverage is sharply examination focused, stressing on what has been asked and what can be asked. You will have the complete coverage through our class room notes and printed notes and will hardly have to look any further.

Our teachers supported by researchers, have prepared highly updated and upgrade notes totally in tune with the recent changes and recent trends. These notes, prepared after referencing the most authentic sources, completely suffice for all your examination needs. What is more, you will also be getting frameworks to write effective and marks fetching answers.



The candidates are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Study Circle and maintain a high standard of discipline. They would be expected to follow a routine as announced from time to time. A breach of discipline on laxity on part of a candidate would have him/her liable to expelled from the Kashmir Study Circle. These conditions may, at the first sight appear a little irksome, but they are designed to facilitate undisturbed and uninterrupted studies in a congenial atmosphere- conducive to pursuit excellence. Here the objective is not merely to shine but to outshine.


Plans and Hopes

The plans for the future include strengthening of infrastructure, a permanent faculty, widening of the circle from which the revolving faculty is drawn and building up of more expertise. We may, for the time being, because of constraints, be unable to extend the benefit of the Study Circle facilities to aspirants for other competitions and selections. We are depending on the percolation effect from the top civil services to which the Study Circle has primarily addressed itself. The Study Circle will undergo a process of expansion and diversification, but the core of activities will continue to be the preparation for Civil Services examination. As we proceed, we will evolve and simultaneously sharpen our tools.


In addition to preparing students for the competition, attention will be paid to instilling them moral values. Their role vis-a-viz their community, particularly with regard to the weaker and the downtrodden sections, will be emphasized. Their interest would be aroused in developing our State, in relieving the sufferings and pursuing the ideals of services and simplicity. It is founders fervent hope that the trainees who pass through the Kashmir Study Circle to positions of responsibility and influence will not forget the Study Circle nor fail to repay the debt. This they can do by holding the torch and passing it onto the future generations and batches of aspirants. Each batch will describe a yet bigger circle of help, advice and assistance. They will also realize that any assignment of influence and responsibility is a trust from God for the service of humanity, for helping the Kashmiri youth and in particular it’s downtrodden and disadvantageous members. The founders would be satisfied if the trainees from the Study Circle keep the twin objectives in view and if they bring sympathy, dedication, helpfulness to bear on their official functioning.